Friday, April 12, 2013

A Bit Distraught!

Bare It All Friday is on hold for today as I am suffering some minor emotional issues! Okay so I'm joking, kind of! If you are a Facebook friend of my personal page or you follow me on Instagram, well than you may know why I'm horrifically scared for life now. If you don't follow me on either, allow me to explain.

Please understand that I am a HUGE dog lover! I am not biased towards dogs, except for my own, but seriously, I love ALL dogs! Teacups and Minis to Huge and Heavy! ALLL dogs! I have never had a bad experience with a pooch. I'm not a fan of barkers and yappers buuut I've never encountered an actual mean vicious pup.... until last night!

I decided that I would take a nice run yesterday evening and forgo the gym since the weather was so nice and I knew today would be rainy. I got my gear on, put my head phones in, start my Nike Running app and got to stepping! Mind you I don't run in my neighborhood. Since we live in a townhouse development it takes close to 3 laps to complete a mile. I HATE running past the same things more than once, so I've been running in the neighborhood behind my own. Lots of streets and different directions to go but they all lead back to the same place. Needless to say I've enjoyed running it A LOT!

I have to cross an elementary school football field and some baseball fields on the way to the neighborhood! Tons of kids and parents out playing on the swing sets, basketball court, and even some baseball games going on at the fields. Once I got to the neighborhood I noticed lots of folks doing yard work, loads of children bike riding, folks walking, I even saw another runner! It was a typical suburban neighborhood on a gorgeous Spring evening! Side Note: I love seeing kids out riding bikes and playing considering it seems so many of them are stuck indoors playing video games on their own iPads!

I decided early on I was only going to run one mile for the evening and at my half way point things took a turn for the worst. I was running, minding my own business, jamming out to Matt & Kim when I noticed up a head a young kid on a bike.... being chased and barked at by a small yippy dog! The kid looked a bit scared, threw his baseball cap at the dog and called out to his dad who was walking up ahead of him. The dog ran off into a yard. I ran by during all of this still minding my own business! All of a sudden I see this little black furry thing dart at me from the corner of my eye. I don't balk at dogs and figured with his size he was harmless and if I just kept running he'd leave me be. Oh how I was wrong. I couldn't hear his yapping as I still had my headphones blaring, but I did see him circle me {and almost trip me} and then I felt it, a sting on my ankle. I thought he was jumping on my leg as I ran and scratched me, so I just kept running. Then I felt it again, a longer drawn out sting, and it hit me, THIS DOG JUST BIT ME! I dropped an f-bomb and stopped to look at it. Blood. Really?! This little pipsqueak dog just bit me and drew blood! I looked up to see a grown man standing in the yard looking at me with this dumbest expression I had ever seen. Seriously it was a "duh da duh" face. Not even trying to retrieve the dog, he proceeds to yell at me "Are you Okay?" in the most unsympathetic way. I responded with "I assume so, hope he's up to date on his shots"! His answer "Oh yea, he is" to which I replied "You better be glad I like dogs"! I continued running and about 30 seconds into it, I started to cry! Not from pain but from utter disbelief! I have NEVER been bitten by a dog or felt threatened by one and here this little 10 pound rat just bit me for no good reason! I cried as I ran and then I cried when I hit my mile mark and began my walk back home!

I really had no idea what to do. After posting about it on Facebook and Twitter people were telling me to report it, but I felt it was silly. The dog was tiny and I felt like I was being a baby about the whole incident, but then I kept thinking about that boy on the bike the dog was chasing after. What if he had been walking?! The dog most certainly would have bit him! I headed to my neighbors house to see what she thought. She suggested just going back to the house and asking to review the dog's rabies records! She then proceeded to clean up my wound and her youngest son, who I like to refer to as my boyfriend, bandaged me up with a little bandaid! Best neighbor award goes to them, no doubt!

After getting my neighbor's advice Todd and I went to the house where this dog lives! I kindly but sternly asked to see the dogs rabies information. From there I learned that the man, who I assumed was the owner,  is not the owner! The man and his wife are staying at the home and caring for his wife's parents who are elderly. The dog apparently belongs to his brother in law who was conveniently not there. The wife went inside to ask her elderly mother where the paper work was, but her parents were apparently asleep. She did say several times that she knows the dog is up-to-date on his shots but that she just doesn't know where her mother keeps the paperwork. She then offered to have the information for me sometime today. I reaffirmed that I would be back later today for the information and that I needed to see it for my own well being! I took down their name, address, and phone number to call later today. After I took their information the husband then chimed in that the dog likes to escape from the house and backyard and that this isn't the first incident this week! Yes, the dog has bit other folks this week!! I don't want to be the reason someone has their dog taken away, but jeeze! To know I'm not the only one he has attacked this week and they aren't watching him more carefully, pisses me off!

By the time it was all said and done I felt it was too late to call the police about it, however, if these people can't supply the shot records to me today, I will be filing a report. Thank goodness I know to take photos and such, as I did after it happened and once it was cleaned up! Regardless of the size of the dog I'm still in shock over it! Part of me really thinks I am "over reacting" that it's just a small peasize dog who has Napoleon syndrome  and whose bite marks look and feel like scratches. The other part of me is like "holy crap I just got attacked by a dog! A freaking dog bit me, while I was running". I think because of this incident I am going to be really apprehensive around dogs for some time. Not around Baby Reef of course, but definitely around strange dogs I don't know. And I won't lie, if he comes at me again while I'm running, I may possibly punt him down the street! I love animals and don't condone cruel behavior towards them but mean dogs like that need a lesson and some home training.

I will of course keep you updated on the outcome of this situation. Meanwhile, check out the mark that little punk left!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! XoXo!


  1. Im so sorry! I understand you feel silly about reporting a small dog bite but I think its absolutely crazy that that dog isn't being watched more attentively if they know it has a mean side when it comes to strangers! I would be so upset if that happened, regardless of the size, being bit by a dog while you are minding your own business is just scary!

  2. So crazy!! I still can't believe this happened!! I've been bit by a dog before and it's such a weird feeling, you don't really know what to do next - but sounds like you handled it perfectly!

  3. This is my worst nightmare! Imagine it was a bigger dog? My grandparents were attacked by a dog while they were on their afternoon/early evening walk years ago and it's haunted me ever since. It's not something to take lightly especially if it affects your health and others have been attacked as well. If they can't produce the records then do not hesitate to report the dog. It doesn't mean you are less of a dog lover at all so do not worry about that. I would suggest getting checked out ASAP if they can't get you the records as well.

  4. You absolutely did the right thing. I was bitten by a pitbull when I was 13 and had to get stiches and rabies shots and it put me in such paralyzing fear whenever I would see one for years that I would actually stop breathing...and then it happened, the couple I nanny for got one. I was in utter emotional chaos and wanted to quit. butttt, She really is the sweetest dog, however I do still get nervous sometimes. Little dog or not, no one needs to be bitten! And their reaction is even worse. Annoying.

  5. This was an excellent blog post. Exactly what I needed. I have been so annoyed lately with every little thing.

    I am glad you are okay!

    For some reason, though, some of your wording made me laugh though. haha. You are too funny. I wish we lived closer.

  6. I am a dog lover too, and irritates me to no END when owners are irresponsible. Some college guys used to live down the street from us, and they always let their dog (a big Boxer) run loose. Every day he would run straight toward me, showing teeth, growling, etc. He never bit me, and the boy/owner would always say, "Sorry" in a very unapologetic tone. One day, I had had enough and I went off on the boy. He had the audacity to tell me that I should know by now that the dog isn't going to bite me, and that I needed to stop being such a bitch about it! REALLY???!!! I was at a loss for words...went home...cried because I felt like I hadn't been able to stand up for myself. At the end of the semester, the boys moved, along with the dog. If they had stayed much longer, I would have had to call the authorities. Ridiculous!

  7. This just blows my mind! And almost makes me nervous to run in my neighborhood. So sorry this happened, hopefully it doesn't derail your progress too.

  8. That is so scary :(( I am so sorry that happened to you, but I'm glad you are okay!

  9. That is so crazy! I would be upset too! That has always been one of my fears when I go walking in the neighborhoods especially when I have my daughter. Make sure you follow up! It's crazy they don't keep a better watch on that dog since apparently this isn't the first time! There is no reason for that! Like you said, think about that kid on the bike! Ugh! People!

  10. I'm a total dog lover. I mean, I have two! But a dog biting a human? NOT OKAY. What happens if someone is walking their toddler around and that dog bites the kid?

    You have every right to be upset and honestly? I'd report them without thinking twice. It's not okay to have an aggressive dog live in a family oriented area, and it's especially not okay to let the dog bite people. That BIL is just as guilty as the dog and irresponsible owners!

    Getting off my soapbox now. ;) Hope you heal quickly!

  11. You know why big dogs get the worst reputation is bc their bites do damage and require medical attention. little dogs get away with biting bc it never gets recorded as needing medical attention. Most aggressive breed is actually dachshunds...believe it or not! An aggressive and unprovoked bite regardless of severity is a major problem. and I'm coming from a total dog lover!!

  12. You know why big dogs get the worst reputation is bc their bites do damage and require medical attention. little dogs get away with biting bc it never gets recorded as needing medical attention. Most aggressive breed is actually dachshunds...believe it or not! An aggressive and unprovoked bite regardless of severity is a major problem. and I'm coming from a total dog lover!!

  13. OMG I am so sorry! We have yappy dogs but you have to learn how to control it so it doesn't disturb other people. Our dogs aren't barking because they want to attack you, they want attention. As soon as people come up to them they are so submissive and are on their backs, but we know people don't know that and it makes them nervous! So when we walk them we muzzle one cause it calms him and then the other one stays calm as well. I would definetly report it if they don't provide documents. Thats why they give you paperwork. As a responsible dog owner you should be able to provide at a seconds notice!
    Glad you are okay!