Thursday, February 28, 2013

Betsy's Great Advice for Y'all Daydreaming of Summer!

I'll be honest, I have no idea how this sweet little lady and I became blogging buddies! Isn't it funny how some people enter your life and you simply can't recall how or when? Yep, that's pretty much how it rolls with Betsy and myself! I'm crazy excited to share her and her post with you today, as I have no doubt the majority of us are daydreaming on the regular of the warmer months that lie ahead! Sit back, sip on a pina colada {or pretend to} and enjoy this southern gals advice and be sure to visit her and say hi! She's currently planning her wedding and trying to juggle life while doing so! 

Hello everyone! I'm Betsy and I blog over at Simply Southern! I'm so happy to be over here in Mrs. Lauran’s corner of the world today.


Today I am going to talk about summer…I am so ready for it to be here, now!

We are going on vacation {to the beach!!} in about two months and I can barely stand the wait.

I am going to show you some of my must haves while at the beach.

First up is Burt’s Bees Chap stick – I love this stuff. I have it on me at all times, especially when out in the sun.  It does the lip wonders.

Next is a hat. Now not just any hat, you need the cute floppy one. There are all different styles and colors to choose from when picking out a hat. Here are some examples that I like…

Then of course, you can’t forget the monogram ;)

If you’re like me, you bring a lot of stuff with you to the beach, and you don’t want to be lugging all that around in your arms, so you need a beach bag, a cute beach bag. I found these two on Etsy {love that place!}

Large Chevron Beach Bag

Love the color of this one too.

Canvas Beach Tote Bags

I also carry this little thing with me too.

ID Case

It is easier than carrying a whole purse along too. And it has enough room for your ID, your debit/credit card, and some cash too. 

Then of course you need something to lay on…and you don’t want some measly old towel that you have had for forever. You need something that will withstand all that sun bathing you will be doing, ha!

I love this color combo and size of this towel from Target.

I found this website that will monogram just about anything on their website for only $5. And yes, that includes beach towels.

{ See a theme here? What can I say, I am a southern girl, and we southern girls like our monograms! }

Now wouldn’t this one go perfect with that chevron beach bag? I’m just sayin’.

Here is another must have in my book…a cooler.

Beach Cooler

You will need something to keep your snacks and water beverages cold while you are out having fun on the beach.

You might also want a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from all the…hotness. 

I have a pair similar to this by Steve Madden, and I love them! I have had them a few years now and they are still my favorite pair.

Now when I head to the beach, I will also have my Nook in tow with me, as well as some magazines and anything else that I will need to keep me entertained as well as WJ too. He is so not a beach person, but loves me so much that we are getting to vacation there! 

Now I know I probably got your hopes up with this post and you are probably ready for summer as much as I am not. Sorry not sorry. C’mon summer!!!

Thanks for having me Lauran, I really appreciate it and ladies feel free to stop by anytime! :)
Isn't she just a doll?! I'm pretty much obsessed with everything she posted especially the floppy hats and the monogrammed beach bags! As she stated, monograms are a must for any southern gal but you other nationwide gals can and should join in the monogram fun too! What are your must haves for the beach, pool, lake, or river?! I pretty sure Miss Betsy covered it all except one thing!! Don't y'all forget that sunscreen ;) Keep that skin safe and beautiful! Be sure to visit Betsy's blog, she has a fabulous give-a-way going on with all of her favorite things! You will definitely want to enter to win it!  XoXo! 

If you missed my post Tuesday, please take a a moment to read it here! We are still accepting donations and would love for you to assist in helping us raise money to help find a cure for Alzheimer's! Follow this link and just click on the green donate button!  Every little bit helps! Even if it's $1.00! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Favorites - Link Up!

I'm linking up today with Let it be Beautiful and Fancy Things for the four things I am obsessing over this week! It's a random mix of awesomeness that I think y'all will be obsessing over too! Allow me to just cut to the chase!

Macaroon Ring Box*Jennifer Lawrence*Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pastry Crisps*Fascinators

1. This Macaroon Ring Box! How flipping precious is this?!?! And what a fun gift they would make for your gal pals! I'm simply dying over their cuteness! Ordering one is definitely on my agenda. Now, if only I could decided on what color to choose?!

2. Jennifer Lawrence is most definitely my girl crush! She's actually been a girl crush of mine since I watched her in The Hunger Games back in October! She is so laid back and humble! I love love love her Hollywood innocence! She really has no idea how huge of a star she is and I believe her fabulous gold man won't even allow her to realize that she's made it to the big leagues! Love the girl! She can do no wrong in my book! And falling while walking up stairs?! It makes me love her even more! She's real and honest and flawed and she's not afraid to admit it! She is genuine to the bone. What's not to love about her?!

3. Kellog's Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pastry Crisps. I am a huge fan of Pop-Tarts but they are not the most healthiest treat to eat! My most favorite flavor is Brown Sugar Cinnamon and I literally jumped for joy in the middle of Harris Teeter when I found this box of Pastry Crisps next to the Chocolate flavored ones I was looking for! I feel like I've hit the jack pot! Brown Sugar Cinnamon 100 calorie pastry treats that taste JUST LIKE POPTARTS!? Talk about guilt free!!! Pick your own up at your local grocery store!

4. I've always loved the English. The accents, the Monarchy, and the hats! I would love nothing more than for American women to start wearing hats and fascinators to formal events and not just the Kentucky Derby! I'm starting the trend or at least trying too by wearing one to the YAAA! event on Saturday! I can't wait! If you love fascinators and hats as much as I do, you should start wearing them as well! Take photos, lets blog about wearing them, and start the American trend!!!!

Have a fantastic Hump Day my dears!!! Just think, half the week is already finished and we have half to go until the weekend! Wooohooo! XoXo!

If you missed my post yesterday please take a read of it here! We are still accepting donations and would love for you to assist in helping us raise money to help find a cure for Alzheimer's! Follow this link and just click on the green donate button! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

YAAA! Young Adults for Alzheimer's Awareness!

I've talked a bit in several past posts about the volunteer organization I have joined this year. Towards the end of 2012 I was put in contact with the PR VP Chair of YAAA! Young Adults for Alzheimer's Awareness, in order to help assist her with any PR needs the group needed. After talking with her and the President {who I have actually known since I was probably 6 years old} I decided it would be a good idea to join! I wanted to serve and be a part of a group that was doing good in the area, the nation, the world. During this time of my decision to join, the hubby and I lost his grandmother's husband to this debilitating disease!

Pappa Ted is in the standing top row, second from left in the light blue polo! This was Todd's Grandmother's entire family in 2010. 
I was lucky enough to have met Pappa Ted before he succumb to the evil grip of Alzheimer's. When I first started dating the hubby, Pappa Ted had been diagnosed with dementia. He was still functioning normally, with minor spouts of memory loss, however over six years we watched him deteriorate to almost nothing until he lost the battle the week of Thanksgiving! Not only was it painful to watch him slowly lose the battle but it was equally hard to see my husband's grandmother slowly lose her loving husband! She cared for him as much as she could until it became so hard she had to have assistance in their home with around the clock care for him. Simply heartbreaking and I hope that I never have to experience that myself or have other loved ones suffer from this disease!

If you are local to my area PAY ATTENTION: This Saturday, March 2nd, YAAA! is hosting it's Third Annual Black Tie Bowling Event! This event is a fun, black-tie inspired event with black-tie on top and anything goes on the bottom! It will take place at the AMF Chesapeake Lanes, 112 East Medical Parkway, Chesapeake, VA from 7pm to 11pm. The event will be emceed by local D.J. phenom and member, Jeremy Branch. In 2012 the event drew over 240 people and sold out! We are really hoping to engage the same amount of people to the event this year!

With that being said, my hubby and I have started a bowling team for the event consisting of the two of us and 4 other close friends of ours! We have a team page set up and are currently taking donations from anyone local AND afar who would like to commit any monetary amount! I'm not one to ask much from my readers but I am going to ask, that if it is laid upon your heart to give to our organization and team, please do! Please visit this link and click on the green donate money to help our team reach our goal and beyond for this event!  You really will be contributing to a great cause and helping to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research and education!

If you are unable to make a donation in money, please considering looking into local volunteering organizations in your area to donate your time to a good cause that you care about! I promise it will change your life for the better and will give you a sense of fulfillment! If you are in my area and would like more information about YAAA! please, please, please let me know! Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information as well!!!

Thank you again for donating to our team and organization! I owe you all so much, more than I ever may be able to repay! XoXo!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday, Darlings! I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As I mentioned on Friday here, we didn't have any huge plans which was more than welcoming considering we have some jammed packed weekends coming up! It was nice to sleep in, lay around, and just soak in the laziness for a bit!

Friday evening we attended a beer tasting at Bon Vivant Market, a wine and beer shop, in nearby Smithfield {home of Gwaltney bacon}. Now, this was our first beer tasting and visit to this location. Bon Vivant also has a location in nearby Suffolk, which is closer but they weren't having any activities for the evening! As I had made a priority here, I've really wanted the hubby and I to have more adventurous-outside-of-the-box date nights and stray away from the typical dinner dates we are known to have! I thought the beer tasting would be a great first outside-of-the-box date, especially since the guest speaker was Kevin O'Connor from the local O'Connor Brewing Company, which the hubby's employer distributes and to which I just picked up a six pack of, for the hubby, at the beginning of last week! Coincidence? I think not!

Our beer glasses! 
The hubby was on board for the tasting so I made the final decision to attend. I was home by six {the wine tasting started at seven and the location was thirty minutes away}but of course I had to change clothes, touch up my makeup, and tend to the dog. We left the house at 6:30 and made it to Bon Vivant at 7:10 {ten minutes late} and from there I knew why they said arrive promptly at seven. The parking lot was full and this store looked smaller than my old 700 square foot apartment. We walked in to about 25 people staring at us in a area we could barely squeeze through! We were given our complimentary glasses and a pour and stood cramped and close as we listened to Kevin O'Connor explain his different beers, the types of hops used in each one, and how he immensely enjoys his beer craft. We also learned the story of how IPA got it's name! If you don't know definitely check it out here!! It's very interesting and being that Im not a huge beer drinker, I enjoyed learning something new! After some more tastings and Q&A, we picked out some beers to purchase and headed out! We ate dinner at a Thai/Asian Fusion restaurant close by and continued on home! Once home we headed to bed as the hubby had the sniffles and wasn't feeling well, not to mention he was exhausted from his work week! Waking up at 3 a.m. every morning, working till 1 p.m., and then coaching baseball the rest of the afternoon until 6 p.m. can wear a man out! To say I worry about him getting enough sleep is an understatement!

Saturday we spent much of the day catching up on sleep and relaxation! We woke up/ rolled out bed at... noon... yes, call us pathetic, but it was raining and we didn't have plans! What else was there to really do?! Once we were out of bed, we plopped our tushies down on the couch and recliner for more laziness! I did give myself my weekly manicure and the hubby ended up napping some more! After a few more hours of all that laziness we had to get ready for dinner with his family. The hubby's Uncle and Aunt had some slight renovations done on their home and wanted to show us as well as have the family all together for a nice meal and conversation. His Aunt made chicken curry which was heavenly and apparently his grandmother's recipe, which I am going to need to add to my recipe book and so we can continue to pass it down through the family! The wine was flowing, the conversation going, and the food spectacular! It really was an incredibly fun evening! While enjoying the fire after dinner, I noticed that Pippa, one of the house kitties was enjoying staring into the smoldering fire. I HAD to snap a photo of her just sitting there, so sweet and still, just staring!

Sweet kitty Pippa staring into the fire!  
I felt like taking a selfie! 
Yesterday, we slept in a bit and then enjoyed cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The hubby had baseball practice at noon so after he headed out I decided I would get myself together and venture out on an area rug hunt! I've been looking for an area rug for the office/library since I began redecorating and haven't had much luck! I knew I wanted a lighter colored rug to offset the dark browns of the furniture, the curtains, and the floors but I hadn't been able to find one within my budget or taste. At the recommendation of Todd's Uncle and Aunt at dinner the night before, I decided to check out Ollie's Bargain Outlet, which is on the same spectrum as Big Lots, but BIGGER! I had never been but, after they told me of their massive area rug selection, I decided I didn't have much to lose! I am beyond glad I went, because I found a rug! I actually found five and had to make a decision on just one! The best part?! It was under $100!!! I'm unsure if I am going to keep this one as I think a few of the others that I picked out would look better but regardless I now know where to go when I need an area rug or runner!

Please don't mind the quality of the majority of the photos as some are Iphone photos! And don't mind the mess of this room either! It's still in the works! 

Laying out the new rug! 
View from the front door. 
When I left to head out to Ollie's I noticed the owners of the town home next to us were cleaning it out and had a few pieces of furniture sitting by the side of the road. One piece was a really great looking antique hunter green upholstered chair and the other was a a light mintish green velvet tufted bench! I immediately fell in love with the bench but noticed it was stained in some areas and needed some tlc. So, I did what any blogger would do... I snapped a photo on Instagram and asked my followers if I should snag it up! I had fourteen YES comments and twenty-one "likes" and considering I couldn't get the bench out of my head as I was looking for the rug, I knew I had to have it! I came home praying it would still be there {you'd be surprised at how quickly things go when they are on the side of the road} and when I saw that it was, I quickly scooped it up and carried it into the house! After rolling out the rug and having my neighbor Catherine's opinion, I set the bench up as a coffee table and displayed a few books and other decorative pieces on it! I have to say I love it! I need to work on cleaning the stains but for now it doesn't look terribly bad!

Bench and Chair being trashed! 
Now it has a perfect place in our home!

Close up. 
Top view
So honestly, what do you think of the new additions?! I'm digging the bench 100% but I'm still unsure on the rug. I have 30 days to return it so I may give it a week OR I may even go purchase the other two , bring them home, and see which one looks best! No harm in that right?!

Any of you do any home decorating or serious sleeping this weekend?! Enjoy your Monday! If you stayed up late watching the Oscars like myself, you're probably walking around half awake today!! I've got to give myself a legit bed time!! XoXo!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Letters!

Well, Well, Well, Heeeeellllllllllooooooo Friday! How fabulous it is to see you! It's nuts how short work weeks end up feeling like the longest work weeks of my life! I think I would prefer to work the normal five days than have a holiday because it just means I am going to come in on Tuesday to twice as much work and then have to play catch up all week! Regardless, Friday is here, the week is over, and I'm pretty excited to not have a loaded weekend staring me in the face! I think a beer tasting may be in the works tonight for a fun little date night for the hubby and I! Y'all know I am trying to be more creative with our date nights so we shall see! For now though, I just have some Friday Letters for ya! Enjoy my rambling thoughts!

Dear Forever Young, Has anyone seen the advertisements for this? Probably not since most folks my age don't watch TV Land! Anywho, they put young twenty something-year-olds in a house with elderly folks and they learn to live and have fun together for a certain length of time! I think it looks pretty entertaining!!! I really believe we young bucks could learn some valuable lessons from the old and wise and I think the old and wise could learn to have more fun from us young bucks! I'm pretty sure that's the direction of this new show! I am quite curious to see how the two age groups handle one another! Dear U.S. Department of State, Do I really need to renew my passport if all of my IDs and my Social Security number are in my married name but my passport is in my maiden name? I am highly annoyed with myself that I've just realized this "problem" and I am supposed to be booking our Jamaican trip today! If the travel agent needs the "names as they appear on our passports" in order to book the flights, than does it really matter?! Ugh and to think I may have to pay the renewal fee too?! Hopefully, if I do have to renew it, it won't take the full twelve weeks to get it back! Dear YAAA!, I was really excited to join your organization and represent a group of young adults doing something insanely awesome for a great cause. Now,  I am even more excited to officially be serving you as your Social Media and Press Chairperson! This is an unbelievable opportunity for me and I can't wait to hit the ground running!! Dear Groopdealz, It is quite possible that I am addicted to you and your fun deals, especially when it comes to all of the costume bracelets and jewelry!!! I need my pay-pal account to disappear so it's not as easy to feed my new obsession! Dear Followers, I promise, promise, promise that I am still doing my favorite things give-a-way soon! I slowly keep picking up goodies and I am unsure of when to stop! I will tell you this, there are some fun items included and I can't wait to kick it off! I'm thinking early March, so be on the lookout!!!

Hope all of you pretties are having a fabulous week and that you have an even more stellar weekend!!! See you Monday!!! XoXo!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Real Young Housewife Brandi!

I am beyond excited for you to meet my guest sponsor today!! For the second week in a row I've been able to introduce an "IRL" friend!! Brandi and I have known each other for almost 4 years now! I've literally watched her grow into one fabulous wife and mother! She is no doubt a Real Young Housewife and it's been wonderful getting her advice and views on how to juggle it all! It also helps that she is a Southern Soul herself!! She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and would do absolutely anything for you! Genuine and Kind is an understatement of a description for her for this girl loves with her whole heart! Enjoy getting to know her!! 

Hi y'all! I'm so excited to be here for Miss Lauran today, I'm super lucky in that I get to call her a great friend in real life {though I definitely need to see her more *cough cough*} I'm Brandi and I blog over at Brooklyn State of Mind. My blog is all things life + love + crazy {mis}adventures.

I'm here today to talk you about being a lady, well being a good southern lady anyways. Here below the Mason Dixon Line there are a few things that I think all good southern ladies use as a key to the good life.

1) Manners Will Get You Far - We still say yes ma'am & no sir, we hold the door for others, we give the elderly our seat, and we teach our babies the same thing. Now I hope my northern friends don't take this the wrong way, I'm sure plenty of y'all value your manners, I just think they pull a little more weight down here.

2) Flowers Are A Girl's Best Friend -You will almost always find fresh flowers in our homes. And if you've been invited over for dinner I'd say that's more like a 99% chance. Now roses are nice, but you're more likely to find something like peonies or sunflowers. We prefer things big!

3) Sweet Tea & Water. -We drink sweet tea by the gallon pitcher. We also know how to make the good stuff at home, and we all have our own secret ingredient. Plus, we serve it in mason jars.
4) Good Food Truly Is The Way To The Heart -Not everyone here is an amazing chef, but we certainly know how to fake it. Whether we cater the meal or enlist help. My secret is that most of my baked goods aren't really mine. Shhh!

5) Kill Them With Kindness - With lots of small towns (or even in big ones) where every one knows every one & their business, there is bound to be some drama. So plaster that smile on your face, be sweet as pie, and take out your frustration in the gym.

What are your life rules?
I hope you enjoyed my little post today! Come on by the blog and say hello!

Oh Hey Now, Mrs. Brandi just offered y'all some great southern advice, don't y'all think?! I have to agree with the whole list! However, even now-a-days it seems as though manners are being discarded out the window! It's a dern shame when you go to walk out a door and someone coming in can't step aside to let you out and really has to try to squeeze through the doorway as you are walking through it as well... and YES this happened to me... this weekend to be exact! The gal didn't even say excuse me! Talk about killing them with kindness?! Whew, I wanted to tell her off, but I just said excuse me and kept going, plus my husband took care of my thoughts with a sarcastic overly loud comment about the general rudeness of others! Gotta love him! I am so glad y'all met Brandi today! Now head on over and pay her a lovely visit and make sure ya come back, ya hear?! XoXo! 

Also, be sure to head over to A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side, where I am guest posting today!! I'm discussing decorating personalities in honor of Lori and her new fabulous home! Need to know your own home decor style?! Head on over and find out what appeals to you! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I love short work weeks because Wednesday is always upon us before we know it which, in turn, means we are closer to Friday! I enjoy the half-way day of the week! Here is what I've been loving so far this week!!

1. My Nanna being Okay! I know many of you were curious as to why I needed serious prayers for my family! Sunday evening we received a phone call notifying us that my Nanna was at the hospital! She had suffered a mini stroke but I didn't want to divulge too much information publicly until we knew exactly what we were dealing with! Because of your prayers and countless others, Nanna is fine! They kept her in the hospital for two nights and ran numerous tests on her only to find nothing! It very well could have been a small amount of plaque passing through that caused the stroke. Regardless of what it was, I am beyond relieved that she is okay! Honestly, I'm not prepared for her to leave anytime soon! She is a HUGE part of my life and I can't ever imagine her not being there! I know we have to prepare ourselves for the days when the ones we love will no longer be with us, but I would much prefer the whole "ignorance is bliss" when it pertains to my Nanna! I can't thank y'all enough for the prayers, the texts, the private messages, and the comments! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and I know everyone rallying behind our family was what allowed her to heal perfectly!

2. These shoes I ordered yesterday! I just happened to be checking out Julianna Hough for Sole Society on the Nordstrom website and ran across these beauties for sale - IN MY SIZE {which NEVER happens}!! The plus side?! Free shipping too! You may now find me sitting at the front door waiting for their arrival!

3. The Cardio Dance class I attended last night! As I've stated before, I normally attend Zumba at the gym on Monday nights. With this Monday being a holiday I was preoccupied doing some things around the house and didn't make it. I decided I would go to the Cardio Dance class last night so I could have my beginning of the week work out and boy am I glad I went! The instructor kicks our booty non-stop for an entire hour! I left the gym literally soaked! I'm pretty sure I am going to start attending this class on Tuesdays when my Zumba instructor starts a Thursday class in March! That way I can be sure to get two workouts during the week! I am also entertaining the idea of a personal trainer, but I'm thinking I'll revisit that option in the coming months!

4. The 3rd Annual YAAA! for a Cure Black Tie Bowling Event being held on March 2nd! I am so excited to be a member of YAAA! {Young Adults for Alzheimer's Awareness} and to help out with this amazing event! There will be tons of bowling, a silent auction, prizes, food, flowing beverages, and FUN FUN FUN!!! If you are local to my area and would like more information on attending let me know! The event sells out EVERY year so you'll want to act fast if you would like to attend! 

5. Jackson Rathbone on last nights episode of White Collar! It's no surprise that I am a Twilight fan and it's no surprise to you that I am a White Collar fan! Put the two together and I'm a happy camper for sure!!! It was really fun seeing Jackson play a character outside of Jasper! He pulled the Bonnie and Clyde esque couple very well!! I still prefer him as Jasper but this character was different and I enjoyed watching it. 

What are you loving this week?! Make sure you stop by tomorrow to meet a very special guest of mine!  Have a fantastic Hump Day my darlings!!! XoXo! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Colonial Williamsburg Weekend Get-A-Way!

I shared with you in my Friday Letter's that the hubby was whisking me away to a weekend get-a-way and if you follow along with my daily adventures on Instagram, you know that he took me to Colonial Williamsburg! I have a slight love affair with this historic place and have so, since I was probably eight years old! I will never regret falling madly in love with my American Girl Doll, Felicity, who was from Williamsburg in 1774 and the books that shared her life with me! This weekend was so special as it allowed me to experience a very nostalgic place with the person who means the absolute world to me!

The hubby made reservations for us at The Fife & Drum Inn, which is an adorable bed and breakfast right in the heart of downtown Williamsburg! We were adjacent to the shops and restaurants in Merchant's Square and right across the street from William and Mary. It was insanely convenient for everything we wanted to to do!

Inside, the inn was extremely quaint and the decor was that of the 18th Century. Breakfast both mornings was simple but delightful and pretty darn southern. Blueberry french toast casserole, egg and herb frittata, fruit, ham biscuits, bacon, biscuits and jam, milk, orange juice, coffee, and tea! Sharing it with you all now is making my mouth water! The main dinning room of the inn hosted the buffet style breakfast and we were able to join the other guests for simple dining.

Main entrance


Entering the Dining Room

Another view!
Our room was a sweet suite consisting of a beautiful four poster bed, pine floors, and access to the back porch, where we got to watch the snow fall! The bedding was simplistic but insanely comfortable with the right amount of warmth and softness! It was one of those beds that was really hard to get out of!

First room with a twin bed.

Looking into the bathroom.
Gorgeous and heavenly four poster bed!

Another view of sink and shower!

Another view of that oh-so-comfy bed!
We arrived to the Inn Friday evening around eight! After getting settled we decided to grab a bite to eat at the Dog Street Pub! This pub is best known for it's casual cuisine with an English accent! The hubby dug into, what appeared to be a pretty fabulous Dog Street Burger. I, on the other hand, feasted on Chickpea Hummus with toasted croutons as well as Welsh Rarebit and we shared an Iceberg Salad topped with the best homemade bleu cheese dressing I've ever had! I'm pretty sure the food was fantastic, though I was so hungry, dirt may have been fantastic at that point! After dinner we made our way back to the inn and headed to bed!

Saturday we woke up early, 7:30 to be exact! We had breakfast, came back to our room to get ready, layered on clothes to prepare ourselves for the wintery mix of weather coming our way and then headed out to explore! Merchant's Square has amazing shops and stores including Williamsburg Home,  Binns, and The Silver Vault Ltd. All kinds of goodies to accommodate everyone! I did pass up a faux fur vest at a steal of a price at Binns, which I could kick myself for now! Sometimes I hate that I am not an impulsive shopper {I have to over analyze every purchase}!

Merchant's Square!
After visiting many of the shops in the square we headed down Duke of Gloucester to my favorite part of Williamsburg! We strolled under our umbrella, awkwardly trying not to trip each other up or poke one another's eye out with the umbrella tips, and popped into a few general stores! I'm quite sure one of my most favorite "smells" is that of the stores in Colonial Williamsburg! It's a mixture of the wood floors, rosemary lavendar soaps, and allspice! I need to work on creating this smell in my own home!

Literally my favorite place on Earth!
The Gentleman's Garden

Wouldn't be a trip without the Governor's Palace!

Colorful ribboned straw hats

Tavern's and general stores!

We hope to build a home with the same colonial architecture elements as many seen here!
When the rain really started to kick in and the temperatures began to drop we decided to grab lunch at the cutest but busiest sandwich shop I've been in! The amount of people in The Cheese Shop rivaled that of a deli in Times Square! We ordered simple smoked turkey sandwiches, with our choice of cheese {me: Havarti; the hubby: provolone} on french bread, chips and a beverage! A pretty basic lunch but it was delicious! After downing our meals and washing them down with our drinks we decided, with the yucky weather, to take a nap. Never in our thoughts did we think that little nap would turn into a 4.5 hour nap! I would like to assume that it was because we were so beyond relaxed we just couldn't wake up!
Once we woke from hibernating we got spiffy for our dinner date at Berret's Seafood Restaurant! Before heading to dinner we stopped into Aromas, a local coffee shop to have a drink! Maddie over at Tinge of Whimsy recommended that I try the Wine Smoothies, so that I did! It was so refreshing even with the snow outside! After enjoying our pregame beverages we headed on to Berret's where we really indulged ourselves! Talk about mouthwatering dishes! We had bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with Gouda for a starter, I had salmon stuffed with lobster and crab meat, served over white cheddar mashed potatoes, and a vegetable medley while the hubby had a seafood trio of dolphin, shrimp, and a crab and crawfish cake served over dirty rice with a creole sauce! We then finished dinner off with a s'more dessert made of a rich chocolate ganache, graham crackers, and marshmallow cream! After filling our tummies to max capacity we headed out {in the snow} and made our trek back to the inn! Walking in heels on cobblestone streets, in a snowstorm, with a hubby who can't control an umbrella in the wind is quite entertaining to say the least! Luckily we made it safely to our destination unscathed!    

We clean up pretty well!

Close up - bad lighting - self timer - still learning my new camera!

Snow view from the Inn!

A little game of checkers?! The hubby kicked my booty at this game!
Sunday morning we had breakfast and really got moving as we wanted to visit the Williamsburg Outlet Mall on our way home! We perused the outlets and purchased a few items including some Underarmor work-out gear and head bands for me, the Oakley's the hubby has been coveting for, for baseball season, and a Kate Spade surprise for my blogging give-a-way! Once we were worn out from our shopping adventures we headed home to sweet Baby Reef and were greeted with lots of tail wagging and sloppy kisses!!!

We, honestly, really needed this weekend to distance ourselves from all our activities and responsibilities and just reconnect with each other! I think it is extremely important for couples to do this at least once a year, if not more! Get away from the job, the kids, the chores, the house, the normal everyday responsibilities and focus 100% on one another! Without reconnecting you eventually lose yourselves in all your other activities and that can do serious damage down the road. Taking some significant time for the two of you is crucial to your relationship and growth and I am beyond thankful I am able to spend time strengthening our marriage with trips like this! If you are ever looking to visit Colonial Williamsburg I would highly recommend The Fife & Drum Inn for your accomodations!!

Iphone Photos - Clockwise: The Blue Talon {an adorable French Restaurant}; The Restoration {Our Room}; Raspberry Flavored Macaroon from Aromas; Strolling the streets of Colonial Williamsburg; My Kate Spade gold bow ring and surprise for my blog give-way; New Underarmor head bands; a Peach Pizazz Wine Smoothie from Aroma's; The hallway of the Inn; An entire display of Macaroons; The view of the James River on the way home; Us waiting for our table at The Dog Street Pub!
Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers! I hope to update you soon on what is going on!! We still do not have many answers but are hopeful that all is well and it was am incident that hopefully did not cause more severe underlying issues! Please just continue to keep my family in your prayers... I know without a doubt they are working! Happy Tuesday or Work day Monday {if you had yesterday off! XoXo!