Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I love short work weeks because Wednesday is always upon us before we know it which, in turn, means we are closer to Friday! I enjoy the half-way day of the week! Here is what I've been loving so far this week!!

1. My Nanna being Okay! I know many of you were curious as to why I needed serious prayers for my family! Sunday evening we received a phone call notifying us that my Nanna was at the hospital! She had suffered a mini stroke but I didn't want to divulge too much information publicly until we knew exactly what we were dealing with! Because of your prayers and countless others, Nanna is fine! They kept her in the hospital for two nights and ran numerous tests on her only to find nothing! It very well could have been a small amount of plaque passing through that caused the stroke. Regardless of what it was, I am beyond relieved that she is okay! Honestly, I'm not prepared for her to leave anytime soon! She is a HUGE part of my life and I can't ever imagine her not being there! I know we have to prepare ourselves for the days when the ones we love will no longer be with us, but I would much prefer the whole "ignorance is bliss" when it pertains to my Nanna! I can't thank y'all enough for the prayers, the texts, the private messages, and the comments! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and I know everyone rallying behind our family was what allowed her to heal perfectly!

2. These shoes I ordered yesterday! I just happened to be checking out Julianna Hough for Sole Society on the Nordstrom website and ran across these beauties for sale - IN MY SIZE {which NEVER happens}!! The plus side?! Free shipping too! You may now find me sitting at the front door waiting for their arrival!

3. The Cardio Dance class I attended last night! As I've stated before, I normally attend Zumba at the gym on Monday nights. With this Monday being a holiday I was preoccupied doing some things around the house and didn't make it. I decided I would go to the Cardio Dance class last night so I could have my beginning of the week work out and boy am I glad I went! The instructor kicks our booty non-stop for an entire hour! I left the gym literally soaked! I'm pretty sure I am going to start attending this class on Tuesdays when my Zumba instructor starts a Thursday class in March! That way I can be sure to get two workouts during the week! I am also entertaining the idea of a personal trainer, but I'm thinking I'll revisit that option in the coming months!

4. The 3rd Annual YAAA! for a Cure Black Tie Bowling Event being held on March 2nd! I am so excited to be a member of YAAA! {Young Adults for Alzheimer's Awareness} and to help out with this amazing event! There will be tons of bowling, a silent auction, prizes, food, flowing beverages, and FUN FUN FUN!!! If you are local to my area and would like more information on attending let me know! The event sells out EVERY year so you'll want to act fast if you would like to attend! 

5. Jackson Rathbone on last nights episode of White Collar! It's no surprise that I am a Twilight fan and it's no surprise to you that I am a White Collar fan! Put the two together and I'm a happy camper for sure!!! It was really fun seeing Jackson play a character outside of Jasper! He pulled the Bonnie and Clyde esque couple very well!! I still prefer him as Jasper but this character was different and I enjoyed watching it. 

What are you loving this week?! Make sure you stop by tomorrow to meet a very special guest of mine!  Have a fantastic Hump Day my darlings!!! XoXo! 


  1. So happy to hear your Nanna is doing better! I'm with you girl, it's so hard to prepare for our grandparents to leave.. i think that's why i had such a hard time when my grandma left.. just like you put it I had the same ignorance is bliss thing going on. And super cute shoes!