Friday, March 9, 2012

Going Back to My "Old" Roots

I am naturally a brunette and currently have had chocolate locks for the last three years and for a small stint when the hubby and I first starting dating over 5 years ago! There was a time, however when I was blonde. From my sophomore year in high school to the time I was 24, I was one hellacious blonde bombshell (totally kidding on the bombshell part). I colored it myself most of the time once I was in college, but after a few mishaps I started to have it professionally done again. After about 3 years of “getting my hair did” every 6 weeks, so that my brown roots wouldn’t show too terribly, I said to heck with it and just went full blown brown. Boy was that a nice relief on the wallet, but after 3 years of my natural color I am so ready for a fun change!

So on good ole St. Patrick’s Day I will be visiting the salon to transform back to my blonde self, roots and all ;) Yes, it requires a bit more maintenance but I’m looking forward to the change! I really can’t wait to reveal it to ya’ll once I make the change!

I want to make this super fun so I need ya’lls help to determine HOW blonde I want to go! I’m going to post a few photos of celebrities who have several different shades of blonde that I really like and THEN I am going to post several different photos of myself from years past in different shades of blonde! I would LOVE for ya’ll to comment and give me your opinions on what shade you think I should go with!

Lauren Conrad - Dirty Blonde, a mix of high lights and low lights
kristin cavallari - Bright Blonde
Reese Witherspoon - Bright Blonde Highlights

Now, take a look at these photos of me and my different blonde shades and let me know which one you think looked the most stellar!

Bright Blonde

Dirty Blonde - a mix of low lights and highlights
Bright Blonde Highlights
Super excited to hear everyones opinions!!!!

See ya'll on Monday my lovely housewives!! Have a beautiful weekend!!!


PS: Totally rocking my Pink Hunter Galoshes today! At least there is one thing that can bring me joy on this gloomy wet day ;)


  1. I love the Dirty Blonde Lauren. It complements your skin tone so well.

  2. I vote Dirty Blonde, but I personally love you as a brunette ;) xo