Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Heellllloooo Monday!!! Seriously though, where do the weekends go?! I feel like I go to bed on Friday nights and wake up on Monday mornings because our weekend goes by in a flash!! I really wish time would slow down a bit!

This weekend, like many, was spent with friends, family, and the furry child, not to mention a few errands/ projects thrown in there some where!

Friday evening was relaxing. I got home from work, headed out to run an errand, and then came home and threw together fixings for tacos. Seasoned ground turkey, sauteed onions and peppers, homemade guacamole, warmed soft tortillas and ALL the toppings! What I love most about taco night in our house is that its EASY to make and EASY to clean up! The hubby and I lounged around with the pupster and headed to be at about 10pm! Goodness, we are getting old!

On Saturday mornings, Todd heads out to coach baseball practice from about 11 - 2 so that gives me plenty of time to devote to my new business, Something Old, Something Borrowed {Vintage Event Rentals} that I co-own with my Momma (I'll do an entire post soon, introducing yall to my new endeavor). I had a meeting set up with a local and FABULOUS photographer, Rebecca Keeling Studios, and wholly moley, what a sweetheart! Loved her from the moment she got out of the vehicle with a grin from ear to ear and gorgeous curly locks! The meeting went so well that we ended it with a HUG! I love when you meet people and become instant friends! She is one talented momma!!

After the successful meeting, I stopped by my Nanna's to visit with her and my momma! They had not seen the pupster nor myself in several weeks and I knew my Momma (Gigi to Baby Reef) would be upset if we did not stop in to say hello! I love those two women more than I think they will ever know! They are so much a part of the woman I am today and I can't ever begin to repay them for all they have taught me!

After our little visit, the pupster and I headed home so I could get ready for GIRLS NIGHT! One of my bridesmaids and close friends from ODU got engaged several weeks ago and a few of us wanted to get together and hear all the details and celebrate! Not to mention we hadn't ALL seen each other together since my wedding, so we knew dinner was a must! We headed to Waterman's at the Ocean Front and started the evening off right with their infamous Orange Crushes (YUUUUMMMMOOO). The drinks were great, the food was great, the conversations were great, and the company was fabulous! I miss girls night and really think we need to do this MORE OFTEN!

Such a great time with these lovely ladies!

Sunday was deemed house project day, once we were able to get up and out of bed! The hubby and I have decided that each month we will work on one project in our home. For March, I decided that I am going to FINALLY hang new blinds and window treatments in both guests room! Today we hung blinds in one of the two rooms (the other room is completely piled with donation items that I need to pack up and take to GoodWill). These blinds are really awesome! I have them hanging in the rest of the house! They are easy to install and the best part is, I found them at Wal-Mart for around $21.00 per blind! You seriously can not beat that! They are easy to clean and I find them absolutely gorgeous! The previous owners had installed sliding blinds (in which I find completely hideous) so I am really excited for the new look! Check out the before and after:

Before with the terrible blinds

Now with new pretty blinds!
I'll be looking for window treatments throughout this week and into the weekend! I'm actually in the process of changing the look of the room, well at least the BRIGHT colors. I'd like to find a white duvet, white shams, and then accent with turquoise pillows. I do believe I'll probably end up purchasing white paneled window treatments to make it more crisp! I really LOVE white, however I'd rather do it in a room that is barely used for the sake of becoming dingy from daily use. 

Now, that the weekend is over with the countdown has begun for the upcoming weekend ;) Is that not terrible?! I can't help it, I'm looking forward to sleeping in and getting my hair done!! This Daylight Savings Time has me in a bit of a wack and a nap under my desk sounds pretty awesome right now!

I hope you lovely housewives had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some down time! It's so nice to have weekends to regroup after a crazy week of work. If only they lasted a tad bit longer!


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