Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Must Haves I Can't Live Without

1. Vita Bath Spa Lotion – I was given this amazing lotion as part of a bridal shower gift last April! It is by far the best body lotion I have ever used! It’s not greasy feeling, moisturizes continuously, and has the most amazing aroma! I purchase mine locally at Bowman's Garden Center but ULTA also carries it!

2. Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant – This stuff goes on so silky smooth and keeps my lips moisturized all day! You can find it at any drug store or supercenter!

3. Pashminas – You can find these ANYWHERE! Ranging from Nordstroms to Target. They come in any color you could think of and work perfectly as a wrap or scarf! Every gal should have at least three: black, a neutral color (camel or grey), and a fun color to add a pop of color to any outfit! Personally I have more than I can count! But hey… who’s actually counting?!

4. Thick Fuzzy Socks - I love wearing these around the house. I should probably invest in some new slippers but I just love how soft and comfy these are! Plus, you can find them ANYWHERE!! The hubby knows I like them so much he even included a pair with my Valentine's gift! The funnier part, is I'm not the only one in the house that loves them! Baby Reef is a HUGE fan of my soft socks! I CAN NOT leave them on the floor (ie: by the bed when I go to bed a night). I have to hide them from him and if I don't, he will without a doubt grab them and run! He LOVES to suck on them! He also sucks on his soft lovies and I think he likes the feeling of the fuzziness of my socks! It is to the point that I gave him his own pair of fuzzy socks so he would leave mine alone!

5. A HUGE Purse - For some reason I feel the need to carry everything that I think I may need with me... at ALL times. This calls for BIG BAGS! The hubby does not understand the need for multiple BIG BAGS, but I don't understand his need for multiple surfboards, so we call it even. A purse I have been  coveting for (for some time now) is the Louis Vuitton Never Full. Yes, it's a bit more than what I would spend on a bag, but it can serve a TON of purposes and I know I would get great use out of it. For now I'll continue to carry around my large Coach's but upgrading is in the near future!

Hope you housewives are having a wonderful day!!! Glad the sun is peaking out from the clouds, makes for a brighter Tuesday ;)


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