Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I think I'm going to make What I'm Loving Wednesday a weekly post, unless something major happens that I feel I should share! So here goes for this lovely Wednesday!

1. Sleeping with the windows open. Granted, later in the spring, this makes cleaning twice as hard because that yellow "fairy" dust that appears A.K.A. pollen shows up everywhere! For now though, sleeping is so much more peaceful with a slight cool breeze flowing through the room!

2. Walking the pupster in the morning. I have a hate hate relationship with the gym! I hate going, period. It's not that I am lazy, I've just never really been a gym person. So, since I've put on a few post wedding pounds, walking the pup in the morning has become a huge priority! It not only keeps me a bit more active but it is needed exercise for Baby Reef! We both really enjoy those quiet mornings together! I hope to add an evening walk to the routine since the weather is starting to warm and the sun is still up when I get home from work!

3. Bethenny Ever After! Need I say more?! This show is a hoot, not to mention the hubby is actually a fan, so it's something we can watch together! I've been a huge Bethenny fan since she was on the Real Housewives of NY, so I had no doubt that I would be a fan of her own show! The hubby even remarked Monday night how "real" she is as opposed to those other "wives shows you watch". Haha! That is why I love Bethenny so much, she doesn't hold anything back. She is extremely honest. Sometimes it seems as though it's a bit much, but it's honest. I appreciate true honesty!

4. Wearing dresses to work without tights or hosiery! With this lovely weather my legs are FREE! I love that I can sit in my office in a dress with no leg coverings and not freeze to death! GLORIOUS!

5. This Colette Paisley Duvet Cover and shams from Pottery Barn! We are contemplating replacing our Queen bed with a King, so of course, I'm already searching for a new duvet and bed linens! I think this would match our color scheme perfectly and add a bit of elegant flair! We just need to make a final decision on the mattress before I commit to the fun stuff!

Hope all of you lovely housewives are making today a fabulous one! I know this weather is helping my day!


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