Thursday, March 15, 2012

Throw Together Thursday - Food Edition

I'm beginning to lose steam on writing my posts! I feel as though I can't think of anything creative or interesting enough to post about! Granted I have few ideas, I'm just unsure if they are blog worthy. So, for today I'm going to post a recipe I made Tuesday evening for dinner! Perfect for Throw Together Thursday!

This is the third year the hubby has coached baseball at NSA, his Alma Mater. During the spring we don't see a ton of each other during the week. During practice evenings he rolls in about 7ish and game nights are even later, so I try to do easy quick dinners! We are getting low on groceries (which means I need to make a stop at the market soon) so I have to get creative with the meals!

The hubby is a huge fan of Lloyd's BBQ and since that was still in the fridge I figured that would be "what's for dinner"! We had mashed potatoes the evening before so I wasn't in the mood to load up on carbs again and remembered that I had a frozen bag of cauliflower in the freezer. I decided to make mashed cauliflower, steam corn, heat the BBQ and make a type of "bowl" meal out of it, kind of like the "bowls" at KFC. I then topped it off with cheese!

After looking up recipes for mashed cauliflower, I decided to just wing it myself. So here is what I did and what you will need if you feel the urge to make this!

What you will need:
1 bag frozen cauliflower
2 medium sized potatoes (cubed)
2 tbs. of butter
A splash of milk (your preference)

I boiled the cauliflower and potatoes for about 10 minutes in a large pot. When the potatoes were tender I strained it all and put into a mixing bowl. Once it was in the mixing bowl I added the salt, pepper, and butter. I then used my hand mixer (you can use a food processor, which I have, I just didn't feel like dragging it out) to whip the cauliflower and potatoes together. I added a splash of milk, but think I will leave that out next time since it was not as thick as I had hoped. After they were all whipped I put a few large spoonfuls in a bowl and topped with the BBQ, corn, and cheese! That was it! Not hard at all and we were both completely full!

It ended up being a great substitution not to mention its very low in carbs compared to actual mashed potatoes! I will definitely be doing this more often!

I apologize for not having a photo of it! I've got to remember the camera next time ;)

Hope y'all are enjoying this beautiful Thursday!! Only one more day till the weekend!! Woohooo!


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