Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am crazy excited that I finally decided on how I will be changing up my Wednesday posts {Remember I kind of chatted about it last week here?}. There are still a few things I need to do in order to get it finalized and ready for sharing, like creating a button and setting up the link-up for y'all to join! I think it will be a way for my readers to get to know me on a more personal level and hopefully relate to me even more than they may already. This probably won't get underway for a few more weeks so until then I will continue with the "What I'm Loving Wednesday" series!

1. I am in love with Daylight Savings Time!! Okay... maybe not in love with the fact that I lost an hour of sleep, I'm still trying to catch up,  or that it's still pitch black when I wake in the morning, buuuuuut I'd trade pitch black nights for longer sunshine evenings any day of the week! It's the first sign that warmer weather is around the corner and who doesn't love that?!

2.  Attending my first official Pilates class on Monday night! I'm actually pretty excited and proud of myself for going! I switched my gym schedule around to Tuesday and Thursdays, however because I had my monthly YAAA! meeting last night I decided to go to the gym Monday night and try out Pilates! Holy Moly, if you think it's easy, you are in for a rude awakening! I've done it with at home DVDs so I knew it wasn't a cake walk, but I didn't realize just how much it was really going to work me! I've been quite sore in areas I very rarely work, and it's a darn good feeling! I'm really thinking about adding Monday night to my gym schedule and upping my workouts to three days a week!

3.  Celebrating lots of Birthday's this month!! March seems to be a pretty huge month in our lives when it comes to celebrating birthdays! There is my mother-in-law, my stepfather-in-law, my stepbrother-in-law, our nephew, my close friend Tatiana, my awesome boss Jen, our dear friend Matt, and a slew of other friends of ours! Lots and lots of celebrating going on around these parts!! 

4. Having my first cup of coffee in almost a month! I'm not a coffee addict whatsoever. I've been a one cup a day drinker for forever and can function fine without it. I actually like the taste of coffee, however. about a month ago I noticed I wasn't enjoying the taste of it much anymore so I gave it up and started drinking tea! Lots of green tea, chai tea, and herbal teas and even using my Starbucks giftcard for Chai Tea Lattes instead of fancy coffee beverages! This weekend while at my girlfriend, Whitney's house, I had my first cup of coffee in almost a month and boy was it yummy! I don't think I'll be going back to drinking it every day but I think it would be a nice pick me up on an extra lagging day - say like this week when I'm trying to adjust to this Daylight Savings Time! 

I found this really interesting!!! 
5. Working on our taxes! To most this is probably a daunting task but this marks year number two that we have done our taxes ourselves with the help of TurboTax. Since we don't have a ton of "extras" to worry about like second properties, self employment, or rental income we are able to do them ourselves! It's usually a few day process as I like to, obviously, make sure they are 100% accurate before filing them! I won't lie though, I am always completely nervous when hitting that submit button! It's a great feeling seeing what we should be getting back from the government during the entire process! I'm quite satisfied with the figure we've been given! These suckers should be completely finalized by weeks end and we will be on our way to get our little check back and this will be another task I can cross off our "To Do" list! 

Happy Hump Day my darlings!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and didn't miss me too much yesterday!!! XoXo! 


  1. Just hearing the word taxes makes me cringe! I don't know why, really. We've been having the same accountant do our taxes ever since I can remember and I'm always satisfied with the outcome. I guess it's just the thought of the whole process.

    I tried Pilates once. Hence I said "once"... and yes, it is definately hard! I did enjoy it though, and maybe if I had a gym close by I'd try it out again. Unfortunately, I'll just have to stick to my treadmill and at home routines.

    Happy Wednesday pretty girl! Hope you're having a great week!

  2. I am so surprised but we are so good at taxes. We do it the first day possible and anxiously await our refund. I always get nervous if we wait to long something will happen.

    I want to get into some sort of pilates or yoga. I need to work it into my budget. Lets see if I actually will though!

  3. March is my bday month so I'm pretty pumped about that too! I should probably hop on the pilates bandwagon, considering my exercise has been nil! And very much agree that the one hour of sleep lost was a no bueno (considering I worked a twelve hour shift that day and went to and from new orleans the night before), but love that we have more light in the evenings. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Dreading my taxes...I don't have a clue and the hubs waits until the last possible minute every year. I had bugging him about it so I just sit in anxiety for weeks leading up to it, ha.

  5. yay for going to a pilates class! i have only done the DVD in the comfort of my living room but I think a class would be so much fun. i have a one cupper too of coffee a day and if i didn't need to drink it fortunately i won't have a headache

  6. i enjoy Pilates and when it first came out I bought the Mary Winsor Pilates DVD's from the infomercial hahaha they were nice. I am not a coffee drink, but a cup once in a while (or twice a week for grad school purposes) is nice. I definitely get the headache from drinking too much whenI'm pulling allnighters hahah