Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm currently in the process of brainstorming a new regular post for Wednesdays! As much as I enjoy, "What I'm Loving Wednesday" I want to create something more my own. Something that could possibly turn into a link up and something a bit more substantial. Until I can come up with the perfect theme for my future Wednesdays, here is what I am LOVING this week! What are y'all loving??!

1. I am, hands down, totally in love with this Subaru commercial! If the hubby and I have a little girl when the time comes for us to extend our family, I know he is going to be this kind of daddy! He tries to be so manly and tough now, but throw a little girl in his life and she will have him wrapped around her little finger! This commercial makes me a tad bit eager to see my soul mate as a daddy! This commercial also makes me cry!

2. Last nights season finale episode of White Collar. HOLY CRAP! As always they leave you wanting more and now I have to wait until THE FALL for season 5! Really?!?! 6-7 months?!?! Oh well, looks as though GraceLand may become a great substitute this Summer! White Collar may be over for now, but that's what seasons on DVD are for, right?! And what's not to love about that?!

3. The YAAA! Black Tie Bowling event this past weekend! It was a pure blast!!! I learned that I am a HORRIBLE bowler, old ladies love my hubby, and we seriously have some pretty stellar friends!! The hubby and I can't thank the rest of our team enough for joining us in helping raise awareness for Alzheimer's! How cute were we all?! If you are at all interested in YAAA!, Please visit for more information on how to join and/or start a chapter in your area!

4. That I am reverting back to my twelve year old self and attending a slumber party this Friday night! My girlfriend, Whitney is hosting a little girl night at her home and I am super duper excited! This has been written in my schedule for over a month and I've been counting down the weeks and days! I need some girl time and this will be perfect! 

5. Winning Baby Reef a BarkBox!!! A friend sent me an email notifying me of a give away a blogger was hosting last week! Rebekah received two Bark Boxes {think Birchbox but for a dog} and decided she wanted to give one away! Baby Reef was chosen randomly which made this my first blogging contest win!! The BarkBox arrived yesterday and Baby Reef made out with some fantastic treats and a few new toys! I may just do a post on the whole box next week! 

Hope you all are surviving this week well! Unfortunately, due to uncontrollable circumstances, I'm a bit bogged down at work but the fun of this upcoming weekend is getting me through it! If you could, please say a small prayer for a dear friend and co worker of mine, I would greatly appreciate it! XoXo my Darlings! 


  1. awwww I love adult slumber parties - they are so fun! enjoy sister!

  2. The YAAA event looked so much fun! You look great! And that Subaru commercial melts my heart as well...that little girl is just TOO sweet for words!

  3. That stinkin' Subaru commercial makes me tear up too. I know Chris will be that obnoxious over-protective daddy if we have a little girl.

    I've always been interested in YAAA. When Chris and I lived over in Chesapeake, we were thinking about getting involved. A friend of mine, Courtney Culpepper, is involved in YAAA. She's from VA Beach, so I'm not sure if she'd be in the same chapter as you?! Now that we live out here in BFE Wakefield, I'm not even sure that we'd be able to contribute?!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday pretty girl!

    xo, Ashley

  4. I'm glad you received it, and that Reef loves the BarkBox!

  5. I've been missing White Collar, gotta catch up!!

  6. i always tear up a bit when that subaru commercial comes on, it is so sweet, so loving and what i hope my husband will do for our daughter one day, that is if we have a daughter we don't even have a child yet