Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Gettin' Sweet, Spicy, and Fishy Up in Here!

For one of my Bridal Showers, almost two years ago, the hostess arranged for each guest to bring their favorite recipe to add to a new recipe box for our kitchen! I made out with quite a few yummy appetizers {including 3 separate recipes for Buffalo Chicken Dip hehe}, some scrumptious main dishes, and even a sweet dessert bread! In all my kitchen gloriousness, I've only made one dish out of the recipe box in the two years that I have had it! I keep adding recipes to the box, I just hadn't taken a chance on cooking a meal already in the box! All of that changed this past week!

While meal planning for the week and sifting through recipes I decided to give the recipe box a try! I have also been on a mission to get the hubby to eat and enjoy salmon! I love, love, love this fish and want to incorporate more of it in our dinners however, the hubby is not salmon's biggest fan! That's where this recipe comes into play! I felt there was enough sugar, spice and everything nice to appeal to his tastes buds and I was about 95% accurate! He ate all of it which was a huge win in my book!

The Recipe Card
What You Will Need:

Salmon - Cayenne Pepper - Brown Sugar - Honey - Chili Powder - Sea Salt
Fresh Salmon Filets or Flash Frozen Salmon Filets {I used Frozen}
Chili Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Sea Salt
Brown Sugar 

As you can see from my recipe card there were no measurements so you basically have to eyeball it to your liking! For instance it called for a "pinch" of brown sugar but I used about a tablespoon on each filet to ensure more of a glaze for the fish. I also cooked this in a skillet pan on top of the stove instead of in the oven which allowed for the juicy glaze as well. 


Place Salmon in pan skin side down {my frozen filets didn't have skin so I just placed them in the pan}

Cover both salmon pieces entirely with Chili Powder {pretty vigorous amount}

Then follow behind with a light sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper

 Lightly dust with Sea Salt

Drizzle entire filet with Honey

Top with Brown Sugar

I then covered the pan and cooked the Salmon until it flaked.

Cooking in the pan. The honey, brown sugar and juices made a sweet glaze to offset the spicy Chili Powder and Cayenne Pepper.

Once the fish is cooked thoroughly to your liking, plate it and serve with sides of your choice! I whipped up white cheddar mashed potatoes and fresh green beans as our sides! 
Honey Chili Salmon!
This was a super easy peasy meal to make and would work perfectly on any weeknight!! I didn't time it but I'm certain it didn't take more than 20 minutes to prepare and cook! Easy, Yummy, and the Hubby ate it! Certainly a successful dinner in my house! I'll for sure be using this one again! If you end up trying it be sure to let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts!! 



  1. Yum this looks like a great simple recipe! I will be adding this to my menu list :)

    1. Awesome!!! Please be sure to tell me how you liked it?! And you can always use the option of cooking it in the oven like the recipe card says! :)

  2. YUM! I love salmon! Will definitely have to give this one a try. And what a cute idea for your shower!


    1. I am a huge huge fan of salmon too, however the hubby's distaste for it limits how much of it I eat at home! Hopefully I can find some more creative recipes for it and coax him into liking it!!!

  3. Salmon in the oven is the easiest thing in the world too! If you take those filets out of the fridge, you just dress them, put the oven on at 400, and they cook in 10-12 minutes! And salmon is so good for you, so it's great that you're eating it!!! :)

    1. I think Im going to try it in the oven next time like the recipe card states! I may try some other ways of dressing it too, though considering that this one was a hit with the hubby, I may just leave the recipe alone lol! If it ain't broke dont fix it, right?! I would love in eat more salmon but its difficult to eat it at home when the hubby doesnt like it! As long as I can find some tasteful options for him it may turn into a hit!

  4. That looks so delicious girl! Hubby-to-be loves Salmon too, so I'm going to have to try this! Hope you're having a wonderful week love!

    xo, Ashley

  5. oh my gosh yummy is all i can say! what a wonderful idea for people to bring you recipes for your shower and this dish looks like a winner and a keeper!