Thursday, March 8, 2012

Throw Together Thursday

For the past several months I have been totally disgusted with my closet! I want nothing more than to take every item of clothing (this does not include my shoes) and donate it all! Now, you may wonder, “Why not just go shopping and pick out some new pieces”? Allow me to explain further why that is not a simple task for me.

Shopping for clothes stresses me out, and when I say stress, I mean leave-the-mall-75-percent-of-the-time-in-tears! I don’t have the type of body that allows me to just pick up things without trying them on because I know, regardless of the item, it will not look good on me! Because of this slight problem I have to try on clothes in the store, which in those awful dressing room mirrors, always looks like…crap. Pants tend to be too tight around my middle and too loose in the thighs or vice versa and I constantly have to battle with blouses that don’t show off the “gals” too much but also don’t make me look like a nun! I think this is why the majority of the time, my “go to” are dresses, but who wants to wear a dress in the middle of winter?! Not I! Needless to say, shopping inhibits me from loving my body and I usually leave the mall in a state of depression that can last several days!

Here comes Pinterest and Polyvore to the rescue! I try to post inspirational outfits that include pieces I may already have in my closet! It has helped me greatly when I’ve been in a pinch of “I don’t know what to wear”. It helps me appreciate my clothes when I can find new ways to wear them!

For today’s Throw Together outfit, I created an outfit in my head from pieces I had in my closet, found similar pieces on Polyvore, created a board and WA-LAH, Throw Together Thursday’s work attire to the rescue! Check out my Polyvore board below!
What Im wearing Today

Now check out my own outfit! (Don't mind the lack of makeup and hairstyle)
Magenta Cardigan – George Line {Walmart}(Bought so long ago when I was on a tight budget that I don’t even know if Wally World carries the line anymore), Ivory lace Camisole – Apt. 9 Line {Kohl’s}, Black Capri Slacks – {Express}, Zebra printed belt – {Rue21}, Black w/ Silver Logo Reva Ballet Flats – Tory Burch {Nordstroms}, Fossil Watch – {Fossil}, Sterling Silver Ball earrings – {Bought them so long ago I can’t remember where}, Diamond Solitaire Earrings – {Gift from the Hubby}, Ring – {Premier Design Jewelry}, Necklace – {Leslie Jewett Design}, Black Leather Purse – {Coach}

Hope you lovely housewives are having a oh-so-lovely day!!!



  1. do you ever shop at banana? their pants fit very well and they have custom alterations (if you have a gap/banana/old navy card and get upgraded to silver, alterations are free!)

  2. I have the same shopping problems. Just after Christmas I called my mom from a dressing room in tears. I love this idea and may very well have to borrow it. Thanks tons.

  3. I've honestly never thought about BR! I am a huge fan of JCrews jeans! They always fit me really well and if I hit up an outlet I an score them for way less! I'll have to give BR a shot! And I have also decided a tailor is a must! Thanks for the advice :) And I'm thrilled you love this post SweetTKisses! Sometimes ya just have to think outside of the box ;)

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