Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Colonial Williamsburg Weekend Get-A-Way!

I shared with you in my Friday Letter's that the hubby was whisking me away to a weekend get-a-way and if you follow along with my daily adventures on Instagram, you know that he took me to Colonial Williamsburg! I have a slight love affair with this historic place and have so, since I was probably eight years old! I will never regret falling madly in love with my American Girl Doll, Felicity, who was from Williamsburg in 1774 and the books that shared her life with me! This weekend was so special as it allowed me to experience a very nostalgic place with the person who means the absolute world to me!

The hubby made reservations for us at The Fife & Drum Inn, which is an adorable bed and breakfast right in the heart of downtown Williamsburg! We were adjacent to the shops and restaurants in Merchant's Square and right across the street from William and Mary. It was insanely convenient for everything we wanted to to do!

Inside, the inn was extremely quaint and the decor was that of the 18th Century. Breakfast both mornings was simple but delightful and pretty darn southern. Blueberry french toast casserole, egg and herb frittata, fruit, ham biscuits, bacon, biscuits and jam, milk, orange juice, coffee, and tea! Sharing it with you all now is making my mouth water! The main dinning room of the inn hosted the buffet style breakfast and we were able to join the other guests for simple dining.

Main entrance


Entering the Dining Room

Another view!
Our room was a sweet suite consisting of a beautiful four poster bed, pine floors, and access to the back porch, where we got to watch the snow fall! The bedding was simplistic but insanely comfortable with the right amount of warmth and softness! It was one of those beds that was really hard to get out of!

First room with a twin bed.

Looking into the bathroom.
Gorgeous and heavenly four poster bed!

Another view of sink and shower!

Another view of that oh-so-comfy bed!
We arrived to the Inn Friday evening around eight! After getting settled we decided to grab a bite to eat at the Dog Street Pub! This pub is best known for it's casual cuisine with an English accent! The hubby dug into, what appeared to be a pretty fabulous Dog Street Burger. I, on the other hand, feasted on Chickpea Hummus with toasted croutons as well as Welsh Rarebit and we shared an Iceberg Salad topped with the best homemade bleu cheese dressing I've ever had! I'm pretty sure the food was fantastic, though I was so hungry, dirt may have been fantastic at that point! After dinner we made our way back to the inn and headed to bed!

Saturday we woke up early, 7:30 to be exact! We had breakfast, came back to our room to get ready, layered on clothes to prepare ourselves for the wintery mix of weather coming our way and then headed out to explore! Merchant's Square has amazing shops and stores including Williamsburg Home,  Binns, and The Silver Vault Ltd. All kinds of goodies to accommodate everyone! I did pass up a faux fur vest at a steal of a price at Binns, which I could kick myself for now! Sometimes I hate that I am not an impulsive shopper {I have to over analyze every purchase}!

Merchant's Square!
After visiting many of the shops in the square we headed down Duke of Gloucester to my favorite part of Williamsburg! We strolled under our umbrella, awkwardly trying not to trip each other up or poke one another's eye out with the umbrella tips, and popped into a few general stores! I'm quite sure one of my most favorite "smells" is that of the stores in Colonial Williamsburg! It's a mixture of the wood floors, rosemary lavendar soaps, and allspice! I need to work on creating this smell in my own home!

Literally my favorite place on Earth!
The Gentleman's Garden

Wouldn't be a trip without the Governor's Palace!

Colorful ribboned straw hats

Tavern's and general stores!

We hope to build a home with the same colonial architecture elements as many seen here!
When the rain really started to kick in and the temperatures began to drop we decided to grab lunch at the cutest but busiest sandwich shop I've been in! The amount of people in The Cheese Shop rivaled that of a deli in Times Square! We ordered simple smoked turkey sandwiches, with our choice of cheese {me: Havarti; the hubby: provolone} on french bread, chips and a beverage! A pretty basic lunch but it was delicious! After downing our meals and washing them down with our drinks we decided, with the yucky weather, to take a nap. Never in our thoughts did we think that little nap would turn into a 4.5 hour nap! I would like to assume that it was because we were so beyond relaxed we just couldn't wake up!
Once we woke from hibernating we got spiffy for our dinner date at Berret's Seafood Restaurant! Before heading to dinner we stopped into Aromas, a local coffee shop to have a drink! Maddie over at Tinge of Whimsy recommended that I try the Wine Smoothies, so that I did! It was so refreshing even with the snow outside! After enjoying our pregame beverages we headed on to Berret's where we really indulged ourselves! Talk about mouthwatering dishes! We had bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with Gouda for a starter, I had salmon stuffed with lobster and crab meat, served over white cheddar mashed potatoes, and a vegetable medley while the hubby had a seafood trio of dolphin, shrimp, and a crab and crawfish cake served over dirty rice with a creole sauce! We then finished dinner off with a s'more dessert made of a rich chocolate ganache, graham crackers, and marshmallow cream! After filling our tummies to max capacity we headed out {in the snow} and made our trek back to the inn! Walking in heels on cobblestone streets, in a snowstorm, with a hubby who can't control an umbrella in the wind is quite entertaining to say the least! Luckily we made it safely to our destination unscathed!    

We clean up pretty well!

Close up - bad lighting - self timer - still learning my new camera!

Snow view from the Inn!

A little game of checkers?! The hubby kicked my booty at this game!
Sunday morning we had breakfast and really got moving as we wanted to visit the Williamsburg Outlet Mall on our way home! We perused the outlets and purchased a few items including some Underarmor work-out gear and head bands for me, the Oakley's the hubby has been coveting for, for baseball season, and a Kate Spade surprise for my blogging give-a-way! Once we were worn out from our shopping adventures we headed home to sweet Baby Reef and were greeted with lots of tail wagging and sloppy kisses!!!

We, honestly, really needed this weekend to distance ourselves from all our activities and responsibilities and just reconnect with each other! I think it is extremely important for couples to do this at least once a year, if not more! Get away from the job, the kids, the chores, the house, the normal everyday responsibilities and focus 100% on one another! Without reconnecting you eventually lose yourselves in all your other activities and that can do serious damage down the road. Taking some significant time for the two of you is crucial to your relationship and growth and I am beyond thankful I am able to spend time strengthening our marriage with trips like this! If you are ever looking to visit Colonial Williamsburg I would highly recommend The Fife & Drum Inn for your accomodations!!

Iphone Photos - Clockwise: The Blue Talon {an adorable French Restaurant}; The Restoration {Our Room}; Raspberry Flavored Macaroon from Aromas; Strolling the streets of Colonial Williamsburg; My Kate Spade gold bow ring and surprise for my blog give-way; New Underarmor head bands; a Peach Pizazz Wine Smoothie from Aroma's; The hallway of the Inn; An entire display of Macaroons; The view of the James River on the way home; Us waiting for our table at The Dog Street Pub!
Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers! I hope to update you soon on what is going on!! We still do not have many answers but are hopeful that all is well and it was am incident that hopefully did not cause more severe underlying issues! Please just continue to keep my family in your prayers... I know without a doubt they are working! Happy Tuesday or Work day Monday {if you had yesterday off! XoXo!


  1. I love everything about this post!! So glad you guys had such a great time, it really is one of my most favorite places on earth! Glad you loved the smoothie, thanks for the shoutout;) and happy dance your prayers were answered!

  2. What a fun trip! I love the new look of your blog, I have been slacking on my blog reading and commenting lately and just saw it!

  3. I LOVE Williamsburg, so charming! What a great little getaway:)

  4. Looks like you had such a fab weekend! I love Williamsburg... always fun to head up there for a night or two :)

  5. looks like a wonderful weekend! i've never been to williamsburg, but it's definitely on the list!

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