Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters!

I trust that all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday! Some of you were popped a very important question that was accompanied but a shiny diamond, some of you were traveling to far away adventures, others of you were being pampered and spoiled by your one and onlys {thank you Instagram for allowing me to take peeks inside so many worlds}! We had a very quiet heart day that included cards for each other and a sweet little gift for Reef, dinner, and the hubby coaching his last basketball game of the season {now it's on to baseball season}! No roses, no candy, no bubble baths, no wine or bubbly, no fuss... only because the hubby {he planned this all on his very own} is whisking me away this weekend for some rest and relaxation at a Bed & Breakfast! I can't wait to recap you all on our trip Monday! For now though, enjoy my Friday Letters!

Dear Weekend Get-A-way, I am beyond excited to spend some quality time with the hubby this weekend without sport practices, the furrbaby, or other obligations that ask for our undivided attention! I know you will provide us with some romance but please provide us with some decent weather too! I hear shopping will be involved on this trip as well! Alone with the hubby surrounded by romance and limitless shopping?! Sounds like a perfect Valentine celebration in my book! Dear Family, Friends, Fans, and Fellow Bloggers, I really enjoyed seeing all of your Heart Day gifts yesterday through Facebook, Twitter, Blog Posts, Instagram, and Vine! Your sweethearts sure did do you all right with the bountiful amounts of flowers, candy, dinner dates -both home and out, sweet gestures, and cards! I love that all of you were spoiled as you should be and that you all spoiled your significant other just as much!  Dear Monday the 18th, I am beyond excited that you are a holiday and I don't have to go into work! I foresee sleeping in past 8, more purging, organizing, and donating, a few errands, and the gym! Nothing crazy to say the least but the perfect time to get things done! Dear Health Insurance Company, I am really going to need you to get your act together. I don't see how my doctor moving to another practice is rocket science. I also don't understand how I was told 2 weeks ago that my information was updated yet when I called yesterday you informed me that no record of the request was in the system! Grrrr! Get it right Anthem, get it right!  Dear Brain, I am going to need you to either slow down OR start remembering EVERYTHING I think of!! There are moments when I have brilliant ideas and I fail to write them down and then I FORGET them! This is unacceptable! If I do not have a pen and pad available or my phone, please please please allow me to remember the genius idea I thought of! I'm pretty sure I've missed out on some fantastic opportunities because I just couldn't flipping remember!!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy President's Day!!!! XoXo!


  1. Enjoy your weekend away with the hubby!

  2. haha I always forget my good ideas too!! I especially hate when I thiink of a good work outfit moments before i go to sleep :)