Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Real Young Housewife Brandi!

I am beyond excited for you to meet my guest sponsor today!! For the second week in a row I've been able to introduce an "IRL" friend!! Brandi and I have known each other for almost 4 years now! I've literally watched her grow into one fabulous wife and mother! She is no doubt a Real Young Housewife and it's been wonderful getting her advice and views on how to juggle it all! It also helps that she is a Southern Soul herself!! She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and would do absolutely anything for you! Genuine and Kind is an understatement of a description for her for this girl loves with her whole heart! Enjoy getting to know her!! 

Hi y'all! I'm so excited to be here for Miss Lauran today, I'm super lucky in that I get to call her a great friend in real life {though I definitely need to see her more *cough cough*} I'm Brandi and I blog over at Brooklyn State of Mind. My blog is all things life + love + crazy {mis}adventures.

I'm here today to talk you about being a lady, well being a good southern lady anyways. Here below the Mason Dixon Line there are a few things that I think all good southern ladies use as a key to the good life.

1) Manners Will Get You Far - We still say yes ma'am & no sir, we hold the door for others, we give the elderly our seat, and we teach our babies the same thing. Now I hope my northern friends don't take this the wrong way, I'm sure plenty of y'all value your manners, I just think they pull a little more weight down here.

2) Flowers Are A Girl's Best Friend -You will almost always find fresh flowers in our homes. And if you've been invited over for dinner I'd say that's more like a 99% chance. Now roses are nice, but you're more likely to find something like peonies or sunflowers. We prefer things big!

3) Sweet Tea & Water. -We drink sweet tea by the gallon pitcher. We also know how to make the good stuff at home, and we all have our own secret ingredient. Plus, we serve it in mason jars.
4) Good Food Truly Is The Way To The Heart -Not everyone here is an amazing chef, but we certainly know how to fake it. Whether we cater the meal or enlist help. My secret is that most of my baked goods aren't really mine. Shhh!

5) Kill Them With Kindness - With lots of small towns (or even in big ones) where every one knows every one & their business, there is bound to be some drama. So plaster that smile on your face, be sweet as pie, and take out your frustration in the gym.

What are your life rules?
I hope you enjoyed my little post today! Come on by the blog and say hello!

Oh Hey Now, Mrs. Brandi just offered y'all some great southern advice, don't y'all think?! I have to agree with the whole list! However, even now-a-days it seems as though manners are being discarded out the window! It's a dern shame when you go to walk out a door and someone coming in can't step aside to let you out and really has to try to squeeze through the doorway as you are walking through it as well... and YES this happened to me... this weekend to be exact! The gal didn't even say excuse me! Talk about killing them with kindness?! Whew, I wanted to tell her off, but I just said excuse me and kept going, plus my husband took care of my thoughts with a sarcastic overly loud comment about the general rudeness of others! Gotta love him! I am so glad y'all met Brandi today! Now head on over and pay her a lovely visit and make sure ya come back, ya hear?! XoXo! 

Also, be sure to head over to A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side, where I am guest posting today!! I'm discussing decorating personalities in honor of Lori and her new fabulous home! Need to know your own home decor style?! Head on over and find out what appeals to you! 


  1. I love Brandi's blog, one of my favorites! And so jealous you know each other in real life. We must do a group blate...and have wine smoothies in our favorite place. Although...I will say that I am Southern to my bones and most of my friends could take lessons from my Boston bred hubby, he has better manners than any person I have ever met. Puts my manner loving bum to shame. Haha

  2. I love this post Brandi! Growing up in North Carolina but now living in Ohio has reminded me of all the little southern things I miss, and I will definitely instill them in Tinley as she grows up. There's nothin' like a good southern woman! Also, I love Lauren's blog!