Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Letters!

Well, Well, Well, Heeeeellllllllllooooooo Friday! How fabulous it is to see you! It's nuts how short work weeks end up feeling like the longest work weeks of my life! I think I would prefer to work the normal five days than have a holiday because it just means I am going to come in on Tuesday to twice as much work and then have to play catch up all week! Regardless, Friday is here, the week is over, and I'm pretty excited to not have a loaded weekend staring me in the face! I think a beer tasting may be in the works tonight for a fun little date night for the hubby and I! Y'all know I am trying to be more creative with our date nights so we shall see! For now though, I just have some Friday Letters for ya! Enjoy my rambling thoughts!

Dear Forever Young, Has anyone seen the advertisements for this? Probably not since most folks my age don't watch TV Land! Anywho, they put young twenty something-year-olds in a house with elderly folks and they learn to live and have fun together for a certain length of time! I think it looks pretty entertaining!!! I really believe we young bucks could learn some valuable lessons from the old and wise and I think the old and wise could learn to have more fun from us young bucks! I'm pretty sure that's the direction of this new show! I am quite curious to see how the two age groups handle one another! Dear U.S. Department of State, Do I really need to renew my passport if all of my IDs and my Social Security number are in my married name but my passport is in my maiden name? I am highly annoyed with myself that I've just realized this "problem" and I am supposed to be booking our Jamaican trip today! If the travel agent needs the "names as they appear on our passports" in order to book the flights, than does it really matter?! Ugh and to think I may have to pay the renewal fee too?! Hopefully, if I do have to renew it, it won't take the full twelve weeks to get it back! Dear YAAA!, I was really excited to join your organization and represent a group of young adults doing something insanely awesome for a great cause. Now,  I am even more excited to officially be serving you as your Social Media and Press Chairperson! This is an unbelievable opportunity for me and I can't wait to hit the ground running!! Dear Groopdealz, It is quite possible that I am addicted to you and your fun deals, especially when it comes to all of the costume bracelets and jewelry!!! I need my pay-pal account to disappear so it's not as easy to feed my new obsession! Dear Followers, I promise, promise, promise that I am still doing my favorite things give-a-way soon! I slowly keep picking up goodies and I am unsure of when to stop! I will tell you this, there are some fun items included and I can't wait to kick it off! I'm thinking early March, so be on the lookout!!!

Hope all of you pretties are having a fabulous week and that you have an even more stellar weekend!!! See you Monday!!! XoXo!


  1. Happy Friday, gorgeous! Super annoying about your passport BUT super exciting about your trip to Jamaica. Hope you get it all figured out in time :)


  2. I had to change my passport to my married name also before we took a cruise in January. I agree, it's such a hassle! They do have an option to expedite it, but it costs extra. :-(

  3. Forever Young sounds good! I wonder if I could get the boy to watch it. Haha. I don't know anything about passports except they sound like a huge pain in the ass. I hope everything works out for you!

  4. I saw the Forever Young promos..can't watch that...I have too much on my TV plate haha a. Good luck booking your trip, hopefully you can book and get your passport renewed