Thursday, February 28, 2013

Betsy's Great Advice for Y'all Daydreaming of Summer!

I'll be honest, I have no idea how this sweet little lady and I became blogging buddies! Isn't it funny how some people enter your life and you simply can't recall how or when? Yep, that's pretty much how it rolls with Betsy and myself! I'm crazy excited to share her and her post with you today, as I have no doubt the majority of us are daydreaming on the regular of the warmer months that lie ahead! Sit back, sip on a pina colada {or pretend to} and enjoy this southern gals advice and be sure to visit her and say hi! She's currently planning her wedding and trying to juggle life while doing so! 

Hello everyone! I'm Betsy and I blog over at Simply Southern! I'm so happy to be over here in Mrs. Lauran’s corner of the world today.


Today I am going to talk about summer…I am so ready for it to be here, now!

We are going on vacation {to the beach!!} in about two months and I can barely stand the wait.

I am going to show you some of my must haves while at the beach.

First up is Burt’s Bees Chap stick – I love this stuff. I have it on me at all times, especially when out in the sun.  It does the lip wonders.

Next is a hat. Now not just any hat, you need the cute floppy one. There are all different styles and colors to choose from when picking out a hat. Here are some examples that I like…

Then of course, you can’t forget the monogram ;)

If you’re like me, you bring a lot of stuff with you to the beach, and you don’t want to be lugging all that around in your arms, so you need a beach bag, a cute beach bag. I found these two on Etsy {love that place!}

Large Chevron Beach Bag

Love the color of this one too.

Canvas Beach Tote Bags

I also carry this little thing with me too.

ID Case

It is easier than carrying a whole purse along too. And it has enough room for your ID, your debit/credit card, and some cash too. 

Then of course you need something to lay on…and you don’t want some measly old towel that you have had for forever. You need something that will withstand all that sun bathing you will be doing, ha!

I love this color combo and size of this towel from Target.

I found this website that will monogram just about anything on their website for only $5. And yes, that includes beach towels.

{ See a theme here? What can I say, I am a southern girl, and we southern girls like our monograms! }

Now wouldn’t this one go perfect with that chevron beach bag? I’m just sayin’.

Here is another must have in my book…a cooler.

Beach Cooler

You will need something to keep your snacks and water beverages cold while you are out having fun on the beach.

You might also want a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from all the…hotness. 

I have a pair similar to this by Steve Madden, and I love them! I have had them a few years now and they are still my favorite pair.

Now when I head to the beach, I will also have my Nook in tow with me, as well as some magazines and anything else that I will need to keep me entertained as well as WJ too. He is so not a beach person, but loves me so much that we are getting to vacation there! 

Now I know I probably got your hopes up with this post and you are probably ready for summer as much as I am not. Sorry not sorry. C’mon summer!!!

Thanks for having me Lauran, I really appreciate it and ladies feel free to stop by anytime! :)
Isn't she just a doll?! I'm pretty much obsessed with everything she posted especially the floppy hats and the monogrammed beach bags! As she stated, monograms are a must for any southern gal but you other nationwide gals can and should join in the monogram fun too! What are your must haves for the beach, pool, lake, or river?! I pretty sure Miss Betsy covered it all except one thing!! Don't y'all forget that sunscreen ;) Keep that skin safe and beautiful! Be sure to visit Betsy's blog, she has a fabulous give-a-way going on with all of her favorite things! You will definitely want to enter to win it!  XoXo! 

If you missed my post Tuesday, please take a a moment to read it here! We are still accepting donations and would love for you to assist in helping us raise money to help find a cure for Alzheimer's! Follow this link and just click on the green donate button!  Every little bit helps! Even if it's $1.00! 

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  1. love a monogrammed floppy hat!!! i absolutely cannot wait for summer!