Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2012 Mini Goals Roundup!

Is February really over?! I mean, I know that it is always the shortest month of the year, but dear goodness, this one flew by! I'd like to think I did really well with my goals, however, that will be determined once I write them out below!

1. Purge and Organize house, one room at a time. Donate all to Goodwill. WIN/FAIL. I am labeling it this way because it really is an ongoing process! I did donate a car full of stuff at the beginning of the month and I do believe it's time for another load to go!

2. Finish reconstructing resume. FAIL. I did work on some added information but did not complete the entire resume. I think, in my subconscious, that I am scared to actually complete it because that means I will have to actually start applying to jobs, which then means I will sit and wait to hear from companies! Sitting and waiting is excruciating and as much as I aim to be positive about applying to positions, one must also be realistic! Not every job I apply to is going to say yes, which means there will be some rejections, and well, that just sucks!

3. Schedule actual planned date nights with the hubby! WIN! My idea is to plan at least one adventurous, out-side-of-the-box- date night, once a month and that I did! Last Friday, we went to a beer tasting! I blogged about it in our weekend recap! I am definitely, looking forward to planning something fun for March! I'm thinking ice-skating before the temperatures start to rise!

4. Book our June trip to Jamaica. WIN! I am beyond thrilled that we finally booked our trip. However, I did learn in the process that I have to renew my passport to my married name! I'm really glad we booked the trip this month as if we had waited another month I would have been cutting it WAY to close with renewing my passport!

5. Have at least one girls night with any or all of my gal pals. FAIL. This was a fail unless you count a happy hour event put on by the Jr. League of Norfolk/Virginia Beach where I got to see my love, Tatiana! I know, we are way lame for not getting together sooner, but in both of our defenses, we've been busy!! Same goes for all my closest gal pals! Busy schedules juggling work, husbands, pets, kids, outside activities, etc. Do any of you have any ideas on how to work around so many schedules including your own?!

6. Arrive on time to work, every morning. FAIL. I was on time for 5 days out of 19 work days! I know, I know, I know, before you tell me how lame I am, I already know! The funniest part about me always being late for work, is that my WHOLE ENTIRE office knows it! We had a humorous little awards show and I won the "Jeff Gordon Award" which was for the person who is always "racing" to work! Ha yes, I received the most nominations for that award and I got a sweet $25 gift card to Home Depot for it too! Running late isn't that bad is it?!

7. Save my bonus and then some to purchase a long coveted luxury item I've been eyeing for a few years. WIN! This is an ongoing goal since I do have to save more money than what my bonus was, but I do hope to have the item by summer time, if not sooner!

8. Stop expecting so much out of others. WIN for now. This goal is a lot harder than I thought, but I did noticed that when I didn't expect anything from anyone I didn't feel as stressed, upset, or hurt. Trying to remain positive on life and events has allowed me to not be SO hurt by the carelessness of others! It's a bit liberating! I know I am not perfect and that I have and will disappoint others because I don't meet their expectations. It's a bit like the circle of life, in a way. However, I believe if we all stop expecting so much from each other we can learn to accept people more easily for the exact person they are! That doesn't mean that people can totally get away from not doing certain things, but it does excuse them from the little things we tend to sweat that really don't matter in the grand scheme of life.

9. Stay off of phone and computer on evenings we are both home. WIN/FAIL. This isn't that difficult but it is difficult when the hubby isn't trying to reach the same goal for the month! He enjoys his time checking surf report after surf report on the laptop, which then makes me want to check things on my phone! I've stayed off the laptop til after we get into bed for the night! I did make it a point to not be on any electronic device when having conversations with the hubby and talking about our days events. He deserves my undivided attention! Now if only I could get him to turn the television off when I'm chatting about my day!

10. Leave more "honey do" lists to relieve myself of some responsibilities. WIN! This has been a lifesaver and I wish it was something I had started earlier and stuck with! Leaving the hubby a couple of tasks to accomplish each day before I get home, allows me to come home and not stress about all of the tasks I need to do! I made sure to leave him tasks he is good at and knows how to do like, separating, washing and folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning our bathroom, vacuuming , and changing the bed linens! Laundry and putting away clean dishes has really been the biggest help as they are continuously on going in our home! Not only am I learning to hand over responsibilities, I am also learning to keep things the way my hubby does them. While I did point out that the bathroom mirror was streaky {because he did, in fact, use all purpose cleaner and not Windex}, I had him correct it with the Windex. No, it may not have been 100% as clean as it would have been if I had done it, but he did it and I'm not going to go down behind him and fix it. I know he tries and that really is all I can ask. I'm certain that with more practice he will improve and he'll be happier with me not nagging him and making him feel inferior about how he can't clean a mirror.

So let's count them: 5 Wins, 2 Win/Fails, 3 Fails! It looks as though the WINS won this go round! This makes me smile and I really feel accomplished. I won't lie, I have felt very motivated this month and hope it continues in the months to come! I'm keeping busy, have been active in the gym since the New Year, have changed some things in my diet, and I really feel that they are all correlating in making me feel good! Now... if only I could finish that resume and get that banging career I want... I'd be all set!

Hope you darlings have a fabulous Friday and weekend! I'll be busy bowling away with the YAAA! group to help in the awareness of Alzheimer's! If you missed my post Tuesday, please take a moment to read it here! We are still accepting donations and would love for you to assist in helping us raise money to help find a cure for Alzheimer's! Follow this link and just click on the green donate button!  Every little bit helps! Even if it's $1.00! See ya Monday!!! XoXo!


  1. Love that quote - so true too! Congrats on booking your trip to Jamaica - that definitely gives you something exciting to look forward to!

  2. Love your recap! I'm pretty jealous that you are going to Jamaica! I am in desperate need of a vacation, like yesterday!! Alsoooo hopefully you will fill us in on the luxury item when you purchase it! Sounds exciting!!
    Hope you are having a good weekend girl!