Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinner Plans for this Week!

I don't know how things roll in y'alls household, but we usually visit the grocery store every two weeks.  We load up on the normal: meats, side dishes, snacks, veggies, lunch goodies, milk, breakfast items...pretty much everything! I usually find myself throwing away quite a bit of food, at least in the fruit and veggie department as we can't seem to eat it fast enough or we buy too much and then it goes bad. Well I'm tired of wasting money and throwing away food... it ends now. Instead of just picking up random stuff I will stick to what is only on the list.

Since I have decided that I need to do more cooking during the week, I think this will help with picking up grocery items. Ever since we have been home from Charleston we have been eating out non-stop! It's actually pretty disgusting! Soooo I came to the conclusion this past weekend that I would plan out our meals for the upcoming week, hit up the grocery store, buy ONLY what was on the list/needed, and cook 4 dinners this week! This will help me to keep us from eating out, it will help us eat better, and it will save us money! Last night was the first successful evening! Let's hope it continues!

The Menu for This week:

Monday {last night} ~ Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa
I found this recipe on Reddy or Knot's blog! She has been doing Weight Watchers with her hubby and continuously posts the most mouth watering dishes! Two of our meals are actually coming from her this week!

I was really impressed with how these turned out! I doctored ours up a bit more by smashing up a fresh avocado and using plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream! I also used our food processor to chop up the salsa. It doesn't look as pretty as hers but I think it tasted fabulously! As a side dish I picked up a bag of Spanish Rice that cooked in about 7 minutes. Total cook time was less than an hour! The hubby seemed to really like it to! Head over and visit Sam to check out the recipe!

Tuesday ~ California Turkey Burgers
I plan to top the homemade pattied turkey burgers with bacon, avocado, and some type of cheese{we have several in the fridge} and serve with baked beans and macaroni and cheese.

Wednesday ~ Night off
We are having Todd's Birthday dinner with his Momma's side of the family!

Thursday ~ Sausage Pepper Alfredo
I posted this recipe here! It was one of those *I made it up one night by combining a bunch of crap we had together* annnnd it actually has turned out to be one of my hubby's favorite dishes!

Friday ~ BBQ Chicken Pizza & The Sweet Hubby's 26th Birthday!
This is another one of Sam's recipes from Reddy or Knot!! I figured we would do something fairly easy since we will be packing up and getting things together to head to DC for the Birthday Boy's Celebrations!

Saturday and Sunday ~ Night's off 
You think I'm going to cook while we are out of town?! haha joke is on you!!

Do any of y'all plan out your weekly meals?? If so PLEASE share some of your favorite recipes! I am always looking for new things to cook!!!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!! We received some great news yesterday from the Homeowner's Insurance Assessor who came to check out our leak!!! I don't want to jinks us so I won't share everything until we actually hear from our Insurance Company! I will say this though, the guy seemed to really be looking out for us! I do believe some REAL REAL goodness is coming our way!! Thank-you Jesus for taking care of us!

Lastly, be sure to visit tomorrow as I am revealing all about The Messy Project!!! It's an awesome little project I've been working on with several other AWESOME bloggers and we are presenting it tomorrow!!!! Keep an eye open early as we go live at 8 a.m.!!!!

The Messy Project



  1. You'll have to let me know how this works out for you. I have been wanting to try this for some time, but I feel like each week has been interrupted with other events. We waste a lot of fruits and veggies too and it makes me cringe. Your recipes sound delicious and I hope you end up saving money ;)

  2. Hey Lauran! Love your post! I just started planning our weekly meals, and it has been such a big help! I no longer have to throw away wasted food each week, as I only buy what I have planned for. I also made to sure include crock-pot meals on the nights that I knew I would be working a bit later. I have been writing the meals out each weekend for the following week and posting them on our refrigerator so that Derek knows what to expect. Derek appreciates this, and we both have something to look forward to each day! :)

  3. I plan weekly meals too and it's soooo helpful to stay on track with eating healthy! Also nice on the pocketbook too. I have a few yummy recipes posted on my blog if you want to check them out. One of our faves is the chicken chimichangas.. they are super easy and always make leftovers which is a huge plus for me!

  4. Sounds like a good meal plan! Writing down my meal plans always helps me stay on track too and definitely making an actual grocery list that way I don't overbuy and like you said then have to throw stuff away. I can't wait to see what all this messy project is about!!

  5. I struggle with this SO. MUCH. We shop every two weeks also, but we end up going back to the store throughout the week to get more stuff that we run out of (like milk, we go through like 2.5 gallons a week). Then we also end up throwing out a lot of fresh veggies especially because we don't eat them fast enough. I tried making menus and sticking to them, then our grocery bill was sky high! It's so frustrating.

    We do taco night with lean ground turkey, black beans, avocados, greek yogurt, salsa.

    Pizza night with homemade whole wheat pizza dough (it's amazing). I use the Weelicious website a LOT and here is the link to the dough recipe http://weelicious.com/2009/02/24/whole-wee-eat-pizza-dough/ we usually make a batch and then split it into 6 pieces and then make individual pizzas. We make 3 of the pizzas and freeze the other 3 pieces of dough for another night. We add spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, pineapples, whatever. Sometimes we make hummus pizza, and just use hummus instead of pizza sauce. It's amazing.

    I do a lot of chicken stir fry. Just a bag of stir fry veggies, some chicken, black beans, some kind of marinade like teriyaki. Delish.

    Spaghetti night. Which is tonight. Super easy.

    Crock pot pork chops, crock pot chicken. I love crock pots. I even make steel cut oats overnight in the crock pot.

    One of my favorite easy peasy dinners especially fun for my kids, is a pancake dinner.

    I know I'm going on and on but I love food. I found this recipe for an amazing grilled sandwich. It uses sourdough bread and then you put slices of avocado and cheese and just make it like a regular grilled cheese. I think we used swiss. It was the best thing ever.

    And lately I've been making chicken salad a lot but instead of using mayo we use mushed up avocado with a little lime juice. It's so creamy and you don't miss the mayo.

    Okay. I'm done.

  6. i'm trying to be better about meal planning too...hopefully it will save money and allow us to eat a little healthier too! good luck and i'll let you know how it goes for me too!

  7. awesome meal plan lady! i wish i had the time/money to cook more. but will def happen more in the future when nick & i are closer together! can't wait to see what next weeks meals are ;]


  8. those shrimp tacos sounds amazing an with a mango salsa, yum! sounds like you will be eating great this week can i come over for dinner?

  9. It's so hard for me to get into cooking in the summer... it's the darn heat, I can't think straight! We do our best to only buy for a few days so we don't waste too much, but sometimes we don't get to the fruit and veggies as fast as we'd like! Your menu for the week looks good!


  10. I've been winging it with meals lately--gotta get back to planning! Those shrimp tacos look yummy:)