Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday - Link Up!

Helllloooo there my lovely readers AND NEW fans!!! I seriously hope y'all enjoyed yesterday's Messy Project Reveal! I hope even more that y'all participate in Kelly's upcoming Messy Projects!

Anywho... I totally didn't plan a post for today and since one of my July goals was to enter more link ups... why not link up with Amber at Brunch with Amber and Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup for the day! Makes today's post a bit easier on me and at least y'all get to find out what I think is "ok" to deal with!

Here goes!!!!

It's OK to...

Forget to wear deodorant on a super hot day! {Okay maybe this isn't totally okay and why I am going out to buy some at lunch... and yes I pretty much just called myself out on this! Oh well... somehow in my getting ready routine I got distracted and forwent the Secret or Dove... whichever I use... Im still smelling fresh as of lunch time}

Drive to the "good" mall, 20 minutes away from my work, to pick up one of the hubby's birthday presents AND get my eyebrows waxed when I am there AND try to make it back to the office all in an hour!

Really Really Really dislike the girl at work who does ABSOLUTELY nothing! Seriously... NOTHING! Not to mention she just isn't a nice girl in general.

Feel bad when you don't answer your readers comments right away! I hate when I cant respond in a timely manner due to work or being busy! I promise I'm not being rude and I WILL respond!!!

Be a little agitated when folks follow you on Twitter but NEVER respond to your personal tweets to them, but yet you see them responding to other folks. Rude much? Why are you following me anyway!?

Still be so happy you were able to see an old friend/roomie and meet her precious daughter last weekend!

Call your Best Friend at work and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at 8:30 in the morning but refrain from Facebooking her wall with Happy Birthday! Yes, I think when you are that close... Facebook is for the birds!

Buy a birthday gift and card for the hubby from our sweet Baby Reef! Yes, he gives his Daddy gifts!

Not have a blog post prepared for today!

Ok Ok Ok, that's all I've got for today!!! Soooo glad it is Thursday and we will be celebrating the Hubby's Birthday tomorrow and this weekend! Hope you lovelies are having a beautiful day!!!



  1. I too forgot to wear deoderant on a super hot day last week. And to make matter worse, there is no A/C here. You're not alone :)

  2. I totally agree with the twitter deal! I get pissed off when some rando with their user picture as a egg, tweets me a spam link (which I never open)...pisses me off! Especially when they have 94 tweets and are following NO ONE. WTF twitter?!

  3. I agree with you on twitter too! I don't twee too much just cause I don't think I have anything too profound to say, but I definitely tweet back when someone tweets me. It's just rude! Hope your hubby has a great birthday! How's the cooking at home going this week?

  4. i agree with the twitter thing. that happens with bloggers too. ill visit a blog every day & comment every single time & never ever hear a word back. sad face. oh well! i would die if i forgot to wear deodrant...i keep some with me at all times..i have a fear of smelling bad haha! oxox Kelly

  5. Hi there, just found your blog, and I love it! I'm a young, newlyishwed like you! :) Thanks for making me smile today!


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