Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Hello Hello Hello all you pretties!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday so far!!! After a pretty busy and eventful weekend celebrating the Hubby's Birthday, it is safe to say I am exhausted. Eye twitches and all!

As you all know, the hubs had his 26th birthday on Friday! I bought him {us} tickets to go see his team, the Atlanta Braves, play the Nationals in DC on Saturday. We drove up Saturday, late morning, and then proceeded to get stuck in traffic 30 minutes outside of home and continued to stay stuck in traffic the whole way there. What is normally about a 3 hour drive took 4 1/2 hours! Not fun, especially when it was rainy! We did safely make it to our hotel, checked in and relaxed for a bit before heading to Union Station to grab dinner and catch the metro to the game!

The game ended up being a bust for us Braves fans, but I was pretty stoked on seeing Bryce Harper play! Yes, I am a Braves fan, buuuut Harper is a STUD, and his name is on my "Future Baby Names" list... Bryce Harper Harrell??? I loooove it! Anywho, despite the misty rain and the loss, we had a great time and were even able to jam out to the WallFlowers during the post game concert! "One Headlight" anyone?!

We headed back home yesterday but made sure to take a little detour to the Potomac Mills Outlets! Once again... so many stores... so overwhelmed. I'm just not a shopper anymore, it stresses me out! However, we did not leave empty handed. Both the hubs and I got new tennis shoes and the hubs got a new casual dress shirt! At least it wasn't a total bust! I'm looking forward to sporting my new tennis... and hope they will give me some motivation to start getting into shape!

Hope y'all enjoy the photo dump as I did not have a blog post planned for today! I had a horrible migraine yesterday afternoon and once we got home I attached myself the bed and didn't move until this morning!

Found these at WaWa on our way! Heaven in a Bag!

Birthday Boy anxious for the game!

Riding the Metro

View from our seats!

Chelsea from Life is a Sunset was sitting up there somewhere! We never did meet up :(

My $12.00 Margarita!

They put him in the game in the 8th inning! Worth the wait to watch him steal a base too!

Happy Birthday Love!!

We were right in front of the Braves Bull Pen and Eddie Perez smiled at me ;)

The WallFlowers setting up

Chelsea tweeted this photo to me! If you look closely over the 1067 FAN you can see Todd's teal shirt

Rocking out! So fun!

My entire world! Love him!

Too bad NO ONE hit a home run

Biggest Danish I have ever eaten!

My new kicks!!! Love em!

 Hope y'all had very stellar weekends as well!!!!



  1. so fun! glad after all of that traffic, you were able to enjoy yourselves and celebrate :)

  2. happy birthday to the hubs! you are a good wife. dan's birthday is this wednesday. yikes! I have yet to get him anything ... I am not a good wife.

  3. your new shoes are just great! i need to get a pair like that. and that game looks like so much fun. id love to go to a baseball game this summer!
    ciao, xo

  4. Aw your such a sweet wife! That sounds like a blast for both of y'all! Glad you had a good weekend celebrating :)

  5. GAH! I'm like 15 minutes from Potomac Mills!! Atleast you would have gotten in one blogger meet up out of the weekend trip to DC! :)

  6. I have those exact Nikes! I love them!! It looks like you had a great time! And those chips? They look amazing!
    Happy Monday!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend. I had to laugh that your drive took so much longer - you've got to love DC area traffic! And, Bryce Harper Harrell sounds awesome! ;)

  8. I think they have thought of everything with chip flavors! I always get sucked in by those! The BBQ wings kind are DELISH!! Glad you guys had a good weekend celebrating your hubby's bday!

  9. Soooo fun!!!! And I need some of that danish, stat!! I just said (not two seconds ago)that I need something sweet.

  10. We just found you! Another VA that!! We are from Richmond! Happy belated bday to your hubby! Looks like it was an awesome weekend!!
    We are following you via GFC!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. I saw those blt chips and couldn't force myself to buy a $4 bag- you have me second guessing myself now though!