Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi you little beauties!!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday!!! My week has been pretty swell so far, other than finding a leak on the ceiling of our utility room! I have a feeling a new roof will be in our very near future! Anywho, enough about the yucky occurrences of home ownership! On to what I am loving today and this week!

1. My coffee date with Ashlyn from Let it be Beautiful! Oh yes!! Yesterday evening I had a little coffee date with this doll of a gal!!! She is beyond sweet, bubbly, and a serious firecracker!! We have so much in common and it's nice to talk to someone who has "been there and done that" and who can totally relate to  what you are saying! She is one hardworking and dedicated lady and I love it! I am really looking forward to more coffee, cocktail and dinner dates!!!!

2. The White Collar premier! Ohhhhh Mmmmm Geeeeeee! I mean could Matt Bomer get any hotter??!! I thoroughly enjoyed last nights episode! The phone conversation between Peter and Neal even made me tear up! And Collins... what can I saw about him, other than the fact that he is a total DBAG!!! Of course they left us with a huge cliff hanger so I am really looking forward to next weeks episode! My Tuesday nights have totally improved 100% now!

I have got to get my hubbs a linen suit ASAP!

3. My old roomie stopping by to visit! I used to live with Kelly, Mrs. In Training, when I lived in Northern Virginia 7 years ago! I haven't seen her in probably about 4 - 5 years and that is ALLL about to change! She has been spending a lovely family vacation in the OBX this week and will be stopping by to visit on Saturday on her way back to NOVA. I am seriously like a kid at Christmas waiting for her arrival. One huge reason being that I get to meet her precious 1 year old daughter, Guinevere! CAN NOT WAIT!
Roomie love back in 2006 - my how things have changed! Including hair color ;)

4. The hubby's birthday trip to D.C. next weekend! The hubbs will be turning 26 on July 20 and we will be headed to D.C. that weekend to watch the Braves play the Nationals! Todd is a huge Braves fan and he has talked for years about going to the ATL to catch a game. Since we've already spent time away in Charleston and will be headed to the beach in August, ATL was out of the question, but D.C.? We can do D.C.! I am sooo excited to celebrate his birthday with him and with his mistress, baseball! Not to mention I get to see Chipper Jones AND Bryce Harper.... oh how I love baseball!

5. My Great-Aunt getting married next April! I got a sweet little text message from my Nana yesterday {yes my grandmother texts!} letting me know that her sister just got engaged and is getting married next April!! Aunt Susie is a few years older than my momma {my mom is 50} so I've always viewed her more as an Aunt Aunt and not a Great Aunt! Anywho, she has asked my Nana, my momma, and myself to plan her wedding!!! Seriously?! I get to do this wedding planning all over again, minus the stress of it being MY day?! Sign Me Up!! I am so excited and now that Pinterest is available {as it wasn't when I was planning my own day}, I know we all are going to have a ball with this!!!

Welp lovies, that is it for today!!! Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I will be blogging about the Bauble Swap!!!


Annnnnd stay tuned for The Messy Project! More details coming about that later ;)

The Messy Project

Lots of love to y'all today!!!



  1. i thinks its so funny you & kelly knew it eachother & you both are doing the messy project & i had no idea! i love it! i dont watch white collar but hello hottie! haha! have a great wednesday! im hosting a target gift card giveaway on my blog, come enter lover!

    xoxo Kelly

  2. Ugh today has been a terrible day for me so far. Thank God it's naptime. I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. Love your writing style and it's always entertaining.

  3. So this White Collar is this on USA? I know I have seen the previews for it, but I can't remember where! I'm so jealous you got to go on a blog date! Ashlyn is just precious and I want to meet her too! And you of course! I'm dying to go on a real life blate.

  4. Loved White Collar last night;) The Braves game sounds fun!

  5. Great post! :) I blogged about the Laine Blogger award today and gave you a shout out for giving it to me! :)


  6. Mmm Matt Bomer!! He is my choice for Christian Grey! :) great post!

  7. Looks like you have fun plans, I love DC! Just found your blog, I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!


  8. hahaha oh god, that picture. we are sooo different now!! that was a super fun night :) xoxo