Monday, August 27, 2012

L-Squared Weekend Recap!

Okay Okay... I'm thinking you want to know about the whole L-Squared thing, right?! Here goes. I met Lauren our freshmen year at George Mason and we became extremely close during our sophomore year! Well considering her name is Lauren and my name is Lauran, we called ourselves L-squared. Then we picked up another close friend name Katie and became L2K. Yes I know cheesy, but we liked it! We even made shirts that's how tight we were and how much we loved it! I am so ashamed to say I no longer have the shirt! Anywho, my Lauren love came to visit this weekend from NOVA and I could not have been happier to have her here! She even brought her sweet baby Paisley so Reef would have a pal to hang out with!

Paisley wanted to get away from Baby Reef and his overly large tongue so she became a lap dog! 
Lauren arrived late Friday evening but it didn't stop us from staying up late, having a glass of wine, and catching up while the pups got to know each other! We had plans to beach it on Saturday but the weather was not cooperating with us so we hung out all morning. Drinking coffee, grabbing bagels, and going on a hunt for zip ties, because Paisley knows how to get out of her crate! After lounging in our jammies we decided to get ourselves together grab some lunch and head to the mall since we both needed to pick up a few things! Later, that evening we and my darling hubby went to dinner. To one of our favorite spots mind you, but yet I was so embarrassed of it, that fine Saturday evening. Our server was slow. Our appetizer {which we ALWAYS order} was not cooked all the way through. Lauren's meal {which consisted of noodles} was complete mush. Todd's dinner was burnt! A meal that he or I order EVERYTIME we go there. They cooked another one and it still came back HORRIBLE! I even tried a bite and felt as though I was licking a piece of charcoal. The hubby gave up and I let him eat the rest of mine {which was actually pretty good}. Todd and I felt terrible that we had brought Lauren there. It was such an off night and I honestly don't know if we will be back! I was sadly disappointed. After dinner we headed home to let the pups out and Lauren and I wined it up and chatted about anything and everything till 1:30 in the morning!

Love her and miss her more than words can ever describe! 
The hubster! 
Sunday, the hubby and his cousin were planning on going surfing since we actually had some waves so Lauren and I went with them! The East Coast Surfing Championship was going on this weekend, so we weren't even giving the idea of going down to the jetty a thought, so we went to our normal spot! We are kind of lucky in the fact that Todd's grandmother owns a condo down at the oceanfront so we are able to park in her parking spots! It's crazy convenient and allows us easy access to the beach! Lauren and I sunbathed while the boys surfed, had the boys grab some lunch for us, and then headed home later that afternoon! I will say I tend to take advantage of the beach being that we live so close. Sunday was the first time I had been out to Virginia Beach at all this summer! I kind of prefer to drive an extra hour and go to Nags Head in North Carolina where it's not as touristy and crowded. But yes... first time this summer and here we are a week away from Labor Day!

I like lying down to take bathing suit photos... I look skinny! Dang gravity! 
Once we got home from the beach, Lauren packed her things and headed home! I miss her lots and enjoyed having her here and poor Baby Reef is so lonely without Paisley. He keeps looking for her in the guest bedroom. It's actually pretty precious! It really seems like the weekends fly by especially when you have visitors you haven't seen in forever! I am making it a point to go visit her in the next several months!

Hope y'all had great weekends as well!!! I'm looking forward to the holiday off this coming weekend! Any big plans for any of y'all?!?



  1. Sounds like you had the most fab weekend! It's always so amazing to have friends where it feels like you just saw them yesterday. Sorry your dinner experience wasn't the best.. I hate when that happens with out of town company! Where did you guys go? Such a bummer.

  2. If I have plans, I am currently unaware. ;) LOL Looks like y'all had a blast spending time with each other!! Love it when friends come to visit. xoxo