Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Why does it seem that Wednesday's always creep up on me?! Not that I am complaining! I just feel like I did last week's What I'm Loving Wednesday post yesterday!!! What am I loving this week?! Take a look!

1. Not having bought my lunch in over two weeks! Yes, I am proud of this! One because I am not eating bad fast food or junk food. Two because I know I'm saving some money! Maybe I'll actually be able to put some money into savings since I'm not spending it eating out!!

Currently what my lunches consist of and left overs too!
2. Virginia Tech winning their season opening game Monday night against Georgia Tech! I was avoiding watching the game there for a bit, but our Hokie boys did us right and won the game in over time! Poor hubby fell asleep during the game, but no, not I! I stayed up watching it, quietly yelling at the TV, throwing my hands up and literally almost jumping out of the bed at points! College football is serious in our house, especially Hokie football!

3. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. I've been using this on my hair for about two weeks now and can definitely tell a difference! My hair is softer, not as frizzy, and seems to cooperate a bit better! I don't know if it's really fixing my split ends, as I believe they are so far beyond repair, but I like the silkiness that it's giving my tresses!

4. Hearing my favorite songs on the radio during morning rush hour traffic! There is just something about hearing some of your favorite songs while in the car! It makes for better travels when you're stuck in traffic! It relaxes me and always makes the commute a more pleasurable experience!

5. A sweet text from my neighbor! My neighbor is much more than a neighbor! She is a friend and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know her over the last 3 years! She texted me this morning thanking me for a few things I helped her out with this past weekend! It wasn't just the text that made my day, it was warm fuzzy feeling I had knowing I helped someone who needed it!

Hope y'all are having spectacular Wednesdays!!!!



  1. I'm always so proud of myself when I pack my lunch because it's healthier and it saves money. We have been trying to do this consistently for a while now, but sometimes I'm running late - like today - and I forget. I love that moroccan oil too - love love love it!

  2. Love, love, love the Moroccan Argan Oil.. that one is my fave! Um yes, we totally need to plan a blate soon!!