Monday, December 17, 2012

28 years, 336 months, 10,226 days, 245,443 hours

I've been blessed with 28 years of life today! 336 months, 10,226 days, 245,443 hours of life on this planet! I'm truly humbled when I sit back and think of how lucky I am to have seen those hours, those days, those months, and those years!

I can recall being 18 years old and looking at 28 year old adults, thinking how old, wise, and mature they were! How they had great careers, how they were married, some possibly with children, and how that seemed to be so far away for me! Now it's here and while I do feel wise beyond my years, I don't feel old. Maturity comes and goes, depending on how you define maturity! I handle situations like an adult but I enjoy having fun; laughing, joking, being a kid. I may not have a great career but I'm working on it, none-the-less, I do have a job with benefits. I am now married and while we do plan to have a family, it won't be any time soon, Baby Reef is enough for now. It just amuses me to think of the 18 year old views I had of 28 year olds, and now that I'm 28, some are accurate while others are far from it. 

I can also remember thinking of where I would actually be at 28! I had no doubt I would be living in NYC! Working as a journalist for a big time network! Frequenting the most popular hot spots. Wearing the hottest fashions and designers. Living in a penthouse in Manhattan with a husband or a fiancĂ©...or neither! I was okay with the idea of being Miss I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T! My how times and things have changed! While I would love to know if I could have made it in the big city, I'm perfectly happy with the life I now live! That life now consists of owning and living in a townhome in the suburbs 30 minutes away from my hometown. I work for a Mortgage Company as an Executive Assistant. I've been married for 1.5 years and I'm a momma to the sweetest yellow lab. My favorite hot spot to frequent is my home and lord knows I save my hard earned money for the few designer duds I own! Not an outlandish life to most, but it's ridiculously perfect for me! I know God has put me here and has given me this life over the other for a reason and I'm grateful for every day that I have been given to live it! 

While most of my birthday's have been celebrated with overexcitement and celebration, I'm spending this one, just appreciating what all I have! No parties, no big dinners, just keeping it low key! Spending the day with morning snuggles from Baby Reef, Christmas shopping, using part of my birthday gift from the hubby and going to get a mani and pedi, and having a sweet little date night with my one and only! I think occasionally forgoing the hoopla allows us to focus more on what we have and what we've done with our lives, to appreciate where we are, who we've become, and what we've done with the gifts we've been given. 

Love and Kisses to you all! Have a splendid Monday and even though it may not be your birthday - sit back and take a look at all the blessings that surround you. It puts so much into perspective! 



  1. Happy birthday pretty lady!


  2. Happy Birthday, I am glad that you are so content in your life! And wait till you're only gets better; I promise;)

  3. Happy Birthday darling girl!!! Love you bunches!

  4. happy birthday! sounds like you've had a perfect day!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday, girl!! :) :)