Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year = New Faces, Friends, and Sponsors!

If you're new to following me you may want to read my thoughts/questions on Sponsorship 101 - here! The new year has begun, I have a beautiful new layout {thanks to Miss Ashlyn}, and I'm looking to take this blogging thing to new heights. In light of the new year, I have given this Sponsorship thing some more thought! I'm still not charging and I don't know if that will ever change. I get the concept, I do, I just don't know if that is for me and my little space of the world wide web at this moment.

Here is what I'm doing! Every Thursday each week I will have a Guest Blogger to introduce you too! I already have my five lovely ladies for this month lined up and ready to go! For the whole month of January {starting yesterday} their buttons will be featured on my Sponsor Side Bar. Once February arrives a new set of Guest Bloggers will be featured. If a Guest blogger wants to come back and guest post again in the next month that is perfectly fine by me. If they do it enough I may even consider a collaboration of some sort with them - a link up pertaining to what they like to post about.

If you are interested in Guest/Feature Posting - Please e-mail me at! I already have one lovely lady lined up for February and I am looking for three more to join in on the fun! If you are interested please let me know!

Allow me to introduce you to my Sponsors for the month of January! Be sure to stop by EVERY Thursday to learn just how fabulous all these ladies are!

Three Men and a Girly Girl
Tasha from Three Men and a Girly Girl
Jill from Dirty Water, Dirty South
Kimberly from The Simplicity of Being Curious

Hot Mess Mommie
Sarah from Hott Mess Mommie

Courtney from Tales of Lace and Glitter
Stop by, visit them, and say hello! Yall will adore these gals just as much as I do! Be sure to come back tomorrow to officially meet Tasha! 


  1. Thanks again for setting this up! I've added your blog button to my blog and I've started following the other sponsors for this month too!

    I'll email you about guest posting!!

  2. I like your sponsorship approach! I think its a nice way to network, since I also think charging is tricky for me too. If you ever need another person, I'm in ;)

  3. I'll def check these ladies out! Always happy to get new blog recommendations :)

  4. Love the new layout and the new ladies!

  5. Love your idea with this. I'd love to guest post if you need another lady