Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

As I type this I have had a mind splitting headache for over 24 hours! This is nothing new. I get them every 3.5 weeks and they always occur on a Tuesday and last through Wednesday! It's absolutely debilitating but I have to trump through an eight hour work day, 2 hours of rush hour, and all my day to day responsibilities! Nothing relieves them either, no Excedrin, no midol, no hot relaxing showers, no dark rooms, no silent surroundings, NOTHING! I won't lie, I am miserable and so desperate for relief that the pain can cause me to suffer a break down! The constant pain is enough to make anyone go bat shit crazy! Since I'm in a horrible mood, I HAVE to talk about what I'm loving today and this week to give me some sense of positivity!

1. The Vine Iphone App! Have y'all seen this?! It's a bit over the top but it is pretty fun! Twitter has status updates, Instagram has photo updates, Vine ...Vine has VIDEO updates! Six seconds of video fun! It was only a matter of time before someone figured videos would be the next big thing! I'm not sure if it will be as popular as Twitter and Instagram but none-the-less it's a new social media outlet folks can add to their list! Bloggers are no exception.

2. This blog. Holy Moly I have found my home decor redesign heaven! The complete look I am going for in our home is ALL here! This gal has inspired me big time now that I can visualize everything! I have finally decided on what to do in our kitchen! Let the renovations begin!

3. My mom's new yorkie, TinkerBelle. My mom got a new eight month old yorkie puppy last week! She already has Duchess, who is a yorkie mix and is my mom's little best friend. but mom received an opportunity last week that she couldn't pass up and now Duchess and my mom have a new pal! TinkerBelle is the sweetest little gal ever! She loves to spend time and sleep in your lap and she isn't timid around anyone! Very much a social butterfly! I can not wait for Baby Reef to meet her! I'm just hoping he doesn't think she is a stuffed animal!

TinkerBelle with Momma at work!
4. Plumbing issues being fixed! We've been have some issues with the drain pipe of our washing machine recently! About six months ago we had someone come and snake the line because water was overflowing out of it! Well a month or so later the problem came back! Not severe, but add a few months to that and it ended up being a dern water fall every time we did laundry! After a few days of checking drains and trying to find the issue, we had to call a plumber again! Luckily they found the problem, fixed us up and now we are back to normal! It's amazing how little things can wreck havoc! I couldn't use the washing machine OR dishwasher for a week! It was driving me bonkers!

5. Supporting others! I like to think I'm a natural born cheerleader, especially when it comes to others! There are so many people in my life {Real Life and Blog Land} who are trying to achieve their goals and dreams and I couldn't be happier for them! It's really uplifting to me when I see people being supportive of one another! It's how the world should be! I hope the people in my life continue to feel inspired and reach their dreams, no matter what they are and I promise to continue supporting and cheering them on!!

Hope all of you are having a stellar day and an even better week! I hope to be as good as new tomorrow! Until then, I'll be the chick at her desk with her sunglasses on in the dark with her office door shut to block out ALL the noise! Here's to hoping my lunch time power walk will help me feel better! XoXo! 


  1. Eeeekkksss!! Thanks for posting a link to the Dear Lillie blog! I'm in LOVE!

    I get horrible migraines all the time. And when I say all the time, what I really mean is I literally have a 50/50 chance whether or not I'm going to wake up with one or not. I've been in and out of doctor's offices and specialists for the past 4 weeks trying to tackle whatever this problem is I have. Unfortunately they are leaning towards possible surgery to remove a piece of bone behind my ear. Apparently a nerve is getting pinched between an unnecessary piece of bone connecting my skull to my ear so they might remove it. This girl = going bat shit crazy!!

    If yours are as bad as mine are I totally feel your pain!! Hope you feel better soon & have a fantastic week!!

    xo, Ashley

  2. I hope your headache goes away soon. I am glad your a born cheerleader we all need a cheerlader in their lives to cheer them on.

  3. Aw, everyone's loving the vine!! I haven't done it yet..... scared to add more social media to this list, ha!! Tinkerbelle is supercute;) And number 5, I so agree;)

  4. have you ever thought about getting a prescription for your migraines? when i'm not preggo, i take imitrex (a triptan medication) for my headaches and it really helps! there are lots of other ones too, and some that have a long duration of action that can kind of be used preventatively if they occur around your cycle. there's no reason you should be miserable!