Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Warming Up and So Are My April 2013 Mini Goals!

Greeting April means a plethora of things; warmer weather, opened toe shoes, opened windows, and more mini goals!! I really can't believe we are saying hello to the month of April! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating New Years! I am beyond excited to see what this month has in store for the hubby and myself, hopefully a list full of completed goals!!


1. Complete at least one Pinterest project that I posted about here! I'm hoping painting the front door will happen this month, however, I have some serious crafting to accomplish for my cousin's Bachelorette festivities at the end of the month. I know I will be busy trying to complete that, so I may work on something a bit smaller that will be easier to tackle and finish! I certainly do not want to set myself up for failure before I even get out of the starting gate!

2. Arrive on time to work, every morning. Y'all know about this goal, so no need to explain! If you are new to the blog you can read about it from March, February, and January! At least I know I'll get there on time this week as it is Spring Break and traffic was a breeze this morning!

3. Buy a scale. We have not had a workable weighing scale in our home since we moved into this house over 3.5 years ago! I don't like weighing myself because I am usually very disappointed by what it tells me! However, I've been working on my fitness since January and I really wish I would have started keeping track of my weight at that point. Now that I have added running into my fitness routine, I really am hoping to see a drop in weight and the only way to track that correctly would be through using a scale! It's not something I hope to use every day, maybe just once a week so I can see a significant change! Anyone recommend a good scale? I haven't done my research yet and would love recommendations!

4. Host at least one family lunch, dinner or activity. I have said it more times than I can count, how hard it is to divide time between all of our families. We don't do a lot of random, just because get togethers because there are often birthday celebrations or holiday's traditions we participate in! I wouldn't mind hosting a dinner or lunch for some of the family or even an activity of some sort, like visiting the local zoo! I'll have to get creative on the activity but you get the point!

5. Accomplish the 30 Miles in 30 Days workout plan. Nikki over at The Pink Growl did this last month and I think it's a BRILLIANT idea!! The point is to clock at least a mile a day, whether it's running, biking, walking or the doing the elliptical. If you miss a day or two, you have to make it up in another day! I am reeeeeeally excited about doing this and hope adding this to my fitness routine will help me see more good results with my body, energy levels, and stamina! I've already started clocking miles with running a few days a week but I love the option to use other methods to clock miles as well! I plan on hitting the bike or elliptical after my Pilates class tonight to clock my first mile!

6. Figure out if blogging is really something I want to do and stick with! I'm not going to lie, blogging is exhausting me. I stay up incredibly late creating posts the night before. I mean like midnight to 1 a.m. which has really taken a toll on me! I don't feel like I'm forming solid relationships either, because I can't seem to show many readers and other bloggers the attention they deserve! It's hard to juggle this with a full time job and an active home life! Seriously, I'm dying to know how some of you do it, especially those of you with children!! I hope to really reflect on this for April. I don't necessarily want to leave the blogging world, because I do love it, but if I don't learn how to juggle it correctly, I'm going to end up dropping balls in other aspects of my life and I just can't sacrifice those things for this little piece of the Internet world.

7. Start working on renovations in the kitchen. Being that we've been in our home for so long now, I have no idea why we really haven't tried harder to complete the kitchen! It really is the one room in the house where we haven't done ANYTHING, except for replacing the dishwasher and the oven. Our goal is to replace the flooring, refurbish the cabinets, add new hardware, paint the walls, add back splash, install new faucet, purchase a new refrigerator and replace the counter tops! It seems like a lot reading it but our kitchen is small enough that it's not going to be a crazy project to take on, as long as we do one step at time! First step?! Take the hideous 80's wall paper border down!

8. Try harder to prepare better for birthdays and other special events! I will always promise that I will never show up empty handed for a birthday or other special occasion celebration! However, I am HORRIBLE at waiting until the last minute to buy a gift! I would loooove it if I could think so far in advance that we can purchase something more sentimental and personal! I'm a lover of ANYTHING personalized, but I never seem to treat anyone to those kinds of gifts because I'm a crazy procrastinator! I also want to utilize Etsy for more unique and thoughtful gifts as well, which also involves thinking far in advance! I just need to reference my planner more frequently! What's the point of having that if I don't use it?!

9. Develop the attitude of "It is what it is". Here's your shout out Taylor! My little sister and the hubby have this mindset which is very different from my own! I tend to worry about everything, to over analyze everything, and to try and fix everything and sometimes that adds an unnecessary amount of emotional stress to my life! I don't want to adopt this attitude completely, because I feel that my personality allows me to express my compassion on a greater level, but I do want to rid myself of emotional stress beyond my control. It is what it is, there is nothing I can do to change it, therefore I must accept it.

10. Secret goal! As much as I want to share this, for my well being I can't. If things change from this goal I will, without a doubt, publicly tell you about it, but at this moment I have to protect myself and certain parts of my life. I'm including it on this list, because if I write it down, I tend to stick to it!! If your curiosity is getting the best of you and you would like to know what it is, shoot me a comment or email, I'm totally okay with sharing it privately!

As always, some of these are a bit easier than others! I brought a few over from last month but I am really excited to have added some new ones to the list! Any of you trying new goals for the month of April?! I'm looking forward to what this month will bring, including warmer weather, though the forecast for this week isn't looking too swell in the warmth department!

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  1. these are some great goals, but i have to admit #6 makes me a little sad... i really hope you decide to stick with blogging, but i completely understand- it can take a lot of out you at times. i am trying to figure out my groove before the baby gets here so i don't completely fall off the face of the earth... but right now, i am trying to schedule several blog posts at a time when im in the mood and the words are flowing. but don't let it suck the life out of you, it should be something you enjoy!!

    good luck lady!!

  2. Those are some great goals Lauran!!! I believe in you that you can totally accomplish them all!!

    I have the same feeling about blogging right now too!!! I took Kaitlyn {from Wifessionals} advice and am going to set a certain day of the week, more than likely Sunday, and write my posts for the week and schedule them to post!

    And I will totally join you, if you want on the 30 in 30 link up!! I just started running again and definitely want to get to my stamina and fitness before I do the wine & dine half marathon at disney this fall! :)


  3. I used to feel the same way about blogging, and I didn't even have a big following (atleast 3 of my followers were my dad...he couldn't quite figure out the follow option)...but I felt overwhelmed and like I was TRYING TOO HARD to post something that wasn't even really relevant for me..just for the sake of another +1 on my followers count.

    When I started over with "And Then She Lost It" I told myself I would go back to the reason I started blogging: to write! To vent, to write down my goals (like you!), and to keep family and friends updated on our lives in a way that allowed me to be a little more private than Facebook...since not many of my Fbook friends knew I had a blog.

    The easiest way to not feel overwhelmed (IMHO) is to cut back on the everyday posts. Write about things that MEAN something to you, put yourself out there. We follow you because you're fun to read and we can relate to you! :)

  4. Love these goals! I'm gonna text you and hold you accountable for the 30 in 30...and really that will help me too! So proud of you for being so active! I agree with you about blogging! I LOOOOOVE it but it really can be alot to keep up with sometimes.

  5. THANK YOU for posting where the idea for the 30 in 30 came from! I seen it and for the life of me could not remember where I seen it from. I'm dyyyying to paint our front door, now to get the hubs on board. I feel like blogging is very time consuming and I find it hard to catch up on blog reading (I have over 200 unread posts on bloglovin' and have no idea when i'll be able to catch up).

  6. first off, i love that first bright and springy!
    second, blogging can be extremely time-consuming. sometimes i get caught up in the fact that i should have a 5 posts for mon-fri. then i think about it, and i'm like, why? there's no one saying that i have to have a post up every day. when you decide to just do it for yourself and no one else, then you can start enjoying it again. i hope you can find that happy medium soon. {scheduling posts can be a huge time-saver!}
    lastly, whatever your secret goal is, i wish you luck, friend!! :)

  7. Thanks for posting about the 30 for 30, I am totally doing this! Thanks!