Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crafty, Niffty, and Oh So Gifty!!

Hello, Hello my lovely young housewives! I have to apologize for slacking on my postings! Between a much needed vacation to Emerald Isle, NC, helping plan our Engagement Party, shopping for my Wedding gown (in which I found!), and working, I have not been very dedicated to my blog postings! My apologies!!

I've been meaning to post this blog for a while now, showcasing what I enjoy creating for friends and family for special occasions! I've been doing this for about 2 years now, and my first gift was a wedding present to my old roommate Kelly and her husband Tyler! I wish I had a picture of it but I don't :( It consisted of 4 juice glasses and a carafe and featured their duo monogram and some flowers in their wedding colors! Kelly messaged me recently to tell me that they still use and love them! Oh how that warms my happy heart!

I create these special items usually as Wedding gifts and Bachelorette gifts, but I have done a few Engagement gifts, Christmas presents, and Birthday surprises! All in all they are perfect for ANY occasion! Pretty soon I am going to experiment with some new designs, like college logos and sport teams! Just recently I had my very first order for 8 personalized wine glasses! Needless to say the buyer and her friend's LOVED them! I am really contemplating opening an account on Etsy so that I can really start selling them!

Here are just a few items that I have done recently:

For a Bachelorette, in matching colors as her yellow dress she wore for her night on the town! Her first name began with a "B"!

A platter with glass marbles given as an Engagement gift! The bride-to-be's new last name begins with an "H"! Created to match the couple's wedding colors!

Matching Rocks Glasses with the first initial of the fabulous ladies names who attending the Bachelorette party!

My first order! Features the first initial of all the Ladies attending a Ladies Night get-together! Painted in each ladies favorite color!

Another platter given as an Engagement gift! The bride-to-be's new last name will begin with a "W" and the color's match the decor in her home!

I really enjoy making these gifts and I hope that the receivers have enjoyed them just as much! It allows me to give something personal that I know they will truly love and appreciate!

If any of you lovely, fabulous, and fantastic ladies are interested in ordering from me please feel free to contact me!!

Until next time, if you Young Housewives enjoy creating gifts and making crafts, please share!! And if not, maybe this post will leave you with some inspiration!




  1. I think the gifts you make are so gorgeous! Did you ever start an Etsy site?

  2. So cute! You should definitely have an Etsy shop'd make a killing!

  3. So cute! You've got an Etsy sit calling your name! :)