Thursday, August 5, 2010

Money Can't Buy You Class...

If you couldn't tell, I am a HUGE Real Housewives fan! I am not sure why I enjoy watching all of them so much, but I do, and it truly is one of my guilty pleasures! I am beyond excited for the D.C. season to premier tomorrow night! Poor thing, the fiance will be moaning and groaning for another 3 months about how he does not understand why I watch "that crap". Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I secretly hope to be just as successful as they all are in taking care of their families and their careers, or maybe it's that they are so dramatic and childish that they make me feel like I am actually normal, or maybe it's just simply fun to watch how disastrous their lives are when they seem to "have it all"! I kind of think the latter is the real reason I continuously watch these women!

I don't pretend that I have it all, however, I do have all that I need. I've never gone without having what I needed. Growing up, my parents were able to give me most of what I wanted. I had a car by the time I was in the 8th grade. No it wasn't brand new (it was close to 10 years old) but it was available to me as my first car once I turned 16. When special occasions occurred, I'd unwrap gifts, of the latest "it" shoe, fashion trend, or gadget/toy/electronic. Needless to say, I was blessed growing up, but never spoiled. I appreciated those gifts and still have some of them to this day. Just as my parents blessed me growing up, my fiance now blesses me continuously, as we grow together. He always comes through with the gifts I ask for, for birthday's and Christmas's, not to mention, he purchased the engagement ring, I would've given my right arm and left leg for! His reasoning, "You deserve the best". How can I not love him, for wanting to give me the world?!

I am beyond gracious and appreciative for my fiance and the life we have built together. We bought a townhouse just over a year ago, that I could not be more proud of. It is our first home together and a stepping stone as we embark on this forever journey, side by side. We are both college graduates, he from a private, all boys, extremely prominent college. I from a public university. We both have jobs, no not careers, but jobs that allow us to live our life comfortably. We know we won't be stuck in them forever and know when the time is right, we will be able to advance into careers that we want. We are able to go out to dinners, movies, and take day trips and vacations. We are able to pay our bills and buy groceries. We are able to plan our wedding. We are able to do it all and we've done it while I have been a server! Yes, a full blown, waiting tables, serving food, filling drinks, working for tips, server. And not once will I regret that! Serving allowed me to finish college, and pay for it on on my own, as well as many other things in my life. I refuse to regret that.

You see money doesn't mean much to me. I don't care where a person buys their clothes, what kind of car they drive, where their home furnishings were purchased, how much certain things costs, what kind of job they have, etc. Those things mean nothing to me, because if you have to brag about your finances and the amount of money you make, then obviously you are not happy with something in your life. I care about a person's character, how kind a person is, and how they treat others, including strangers AND friends. Yes, I do like nice things, but it is no ones business as to the price tags on those nice things. I find it incredibly tacky when people have to express how much their material items cost! Hence the title of this posting.

The Countess Luann de Lesseps, from The Real Housewives of New York , sings it best in her song, Money Can't Buy You Class. No her voice is nothing to fawn over, but the lyrics are true enough for me to say "keep singing it girlfriend"! She may have been too dramatic, bitchy, and a bit of a backstabber, but there is some serious truth to that song she sings! Classy to me is when you can be gracious and poised without having to prove a thing to the people around you. Classy, is saying something, without saying anything at all. It's about respecting the people you meet throughout the day and those who remain constant in your life. It is about keeping your mouth closed when everyone else is putting their two cents in. It's about accepting others for who they are, not for what they have or don't have or what they do or don't do. Classy is what I strive to be everyday. Some days I may not be as classy as I like, other days I can be classier than I ever thought, however, either way, my paycheck has nothing to do with it!

So to you Real Young Housewives, don't worry about your paycheck, or other's paychecks, just keep it classy!!! Don't judge someone's lifestyle because it may not be exactly like yours. It is not your business and it sure as heck is not classy!!! Respect, Accept, and Adore regardless!

I leave you with The Countess's video:



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  1. I am a HUGE fan of all the Housewives shows! Esp. Orange County. Lol lovin the video:-)