Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Plan Doesnt Matter...Just The Ladies That I'm With...

So this past weekend, I had the lovely chance of being invited to a "Girls Night Out" Slumber Party! My new, fun, and sweet friend Miss Brandi was the gracious hostess and my goodness did she do a fantastic job! She sent out the cutest invitations, that she of course purchased off of the best website ever, ETSY.com, purchased a hotel room for us at the Oceanfront, decorated the room, and made us gift bags with candy, nail polish, and fun scratch cards inside! Lord knows, I've needed a night with some loving and supportive girls and that is what I got!

The fiance was out of town for the weekend, so I figured there was no other time than that night, to hang with the ladies! After attending my step-sisters, twins 1st birthday party, I met the gals at the hotel. We all chatted about the upcoming events in our lives, my wedding, Miss Brandi's wedding, Miss Jen purchasing her first home, and etc., we also moaned and groaned about the crappiness in our lives, like Miss Whitney getting stranded on a boat, stung by a bee (in the middle of the ocean), and receiving some serious sunage (from being stranded on the boat for some time) all earlier that day! Poor thing, she was red as a lobster, but the minute we opened the door for her, you could see the relief on her face! We were there to make that girl feel fab despite her very eventful afternoon!

We began to get ready for the night. Showers to wash off the nastiness of the 105 degree heat, curling of hair for those who aren't blessed with curls, straightening of hair for those of us that hate our curls, makeup to makes us hotter than we already are, and I can't forget tweezing of the eyebrows to prevent the uni-brow (just kidding) growing on my face! I learned Miss Jen ENJOYS tweezing eyebrows for her friends, but I think my pessimistic twin just likes seeing her friends in pain ;) Check her out below working on my brows!

After we were all primped, primed, and looking our most fabulous, we ventured downstairs to have dinner and drinks at Catch 31, a local hot spot. The wait time... 1 hour and 30 minutes! We were all more than willing to wait so, we grabbed drinks at the bar and Miss Jen and I snagged a cocktail table, and there we waited. Waited. Waited. Waited some more. And some more. We even got some nosey guys to snap our pictures to pass the time. And then we waited some more! Finally, Miss Brandi went to the host stand to inquire about how much longer the wait would be, only to be given the cold shoulder and an attitude from the hostess. So we continued to wait. Mrs. Briana ordered appetizers to try and hold us over. At this time we had waited an hour and fifteen minutes... We were all beyond STARVING! Mrs. Briana even confronted the ugly hostess only to have been told that our wait was now TWO HOURS! Needless to say this made 7 hungry ladies, really P.O.ed! After much debating we decided to head back to our room to think of some other options. Room Service was terribly expensive and lacked nothing of interest to us. Next option... journey to the hotel restaurant next door. However, after standing by the opened bar for 5 minutes they then decide to inform us that they were closed. Finally, we found a hole in the wall Mexican place across the street! We all ventured in hungry as hell and a little apprehensive, but we were greeted by a very sweet waitress who offered us $2 Kamikaze shots and some killer chicken tacos on special! HELLO FOOD!

Meanwhile, as we were all sitting and waiting for food, I noticed Miss Brandi had been outside on the phone with her fiance for some time. I walked out to find her crying and knew exactly why! She had put so much time, planning, and love into preparing this wonderful evening, and it was not going the way she had planned! The "plans" didn't matter much to me, I was having fun just being with her and the rest of my sweet girlfriends! However, I know it meant the world to her! I gave her the biggest hug I could and reassured her that everything was fine, and we were not judging her for her "failed attempts" at a fun evening (they were not a fail what-so-ever). We are her friends and no matter how the night would have ended up, we would have had made sure to have fun no matter what!

After going back in to the restaurant, finally eating, taking another round of shots, and cheering up we all decided to head back to the hotel! Once there we all changed into our P.J.s and hopped into bed (no pillow fights for these girls), and watched Remember Me, starring our man, Mr. Rob P. Needless to say those who stayed up for it, very much enjoyed the steamy scenes, however they were a bit disappointed in the ending. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! I think its great regardless of the twist in the end!

Mrs. Briana finally fell asleep after suffering from a horrible migraine, in which I think she passed on to me because I woke up the next morning, half spooning Miss Whitney, and with a KILLER headache! But it was by far the most fun I've had with some girlfriends in a while! The girl talk alone was enough to make me feel better and more connected to these fabulous ladies (who needed a fancy dinner to do that... not me!). So this post is for Miss Brandi... I had a great time girlfriend and don't you worry your pretty face about your plans! Plans are plans, sometimes they work out sometimes they don't, but in this life you just have to roll with the punches, and who better to roll with them than all of ladies that love you for you! XOXO girlfriend, I love ya to pieces!!!

Miss Brandi, Miss Amy, Me, Mrs. Briana, Miss Whitney, Miss Jen, & Miss Elizabeth
So to you Young Housewives, always remember, it's not always about the plan, it's just about the lovely people you are with!
Love Always,

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  1. Lady you're the best! Thank you so much for this blog post. Love you so much & I'm so glad that you had fun like I did!