Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Art of the Thank-You Note - Does it Still Exist?

I am religious writer of Thank-You notes. It was one of those necessities my mother instilled in me as I was growing up and it is something I take great pride in! Why am I prideful of this you ask? Simply put, because no one writes them anymore. Yes, occasionally for the wedding or baby gift, but other than that, you don’t seem to ever find them arriving in your mail box.

In some ways that disturbs me. I don’t think it’s solely because people aren’t grateful for the small things others do or give. I do believe time has a lot to do with it, but let’s face it, it really doesn’t take THAT much time to write a simple thank-you to someone who has gone out of their way to be kind or thoughtful.

If price of stationary is what deters folks, I don’t buy that either! Target, Wal-mart, Michael’s, and a slew of other chain stores carry very affordable and fun pre-designed Thank-you cards. Not to mention if you have a little extra change to spare, you can check out http://www.minted.com/, http://www.shutterfly.com/, http://www.etsy.com/, etc. AND http://www.vistaprint.com/carries some great affordable note cards and stationary as well. There really shouldn’t be an “excuse” as to why folks can’t simply put into words “Thank-You”.

Check out the cutie-patootie examples below!

When I say I send thank-you cards for everything, I mean everything! I send them to say thank-you for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, random gifts of kindness, sweet acts of kindness, seriously… EVERYTHING! I honestly believe, a handwritten note makes people feel extra special! If someone made me feel special by a gift or thoughtful gesture, I want to make them feel just as special!

Now sometimes I do in fact, drop the ball, I am only human! For instance, I am just now working on thank-you notes for those special women that helped me plan and execute my momma’s 50th birthday party, that occurred 2 months ago! However, instead of looking at it as “OMG-they are soooooo late” I just remind myself how the receivers of my notes will feel when they see a nice little handwritten addressed envelope in their mailbox and how they will feel when they read how honestly thankful I am for their generosity.

Call me old school if you will, but I believe writing thank-you cards is a lost art form. With all of the ways we communicate these days it really has been pushed to the way side. Personally, I don’t want to thank someone for something through a text, email, or facebook comment. Nor do I want to receive a thank-you in that fashion, but I can only control what I do and how I show my appreciation.

So here is my challenge for you, purchase some fun thank-you cards and address labels. Maybe even some fun writing pens! Keep them in your desk/office space/kitchen drawer (or wherever you feel the need)! The next time someone does something special for you, whether it be a gift or gesture, send them a heartfelt thank-you. I promise you, that you will make someone feel even more special by acknowledging their thoughtfulness.

Now my lovely housewives, please keep this beautiful tradition alive and teach your wee little ones the simple art form of a simple thank-you note, it really is something they will carry with them for forever!

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  1. I really fail at writing thank you notes. :( Your post inspires me though. I do need to write more. I think I will follow your suggestion and buy some notes and just send them when people do something sweet. Thanks for the inspiration!