Friday, March 23, 2012

Tackling the Front Yard!

Now that the weather is warming (not that it ever got COLD), the grass in the yard is starting to grow... FAST! Needless to say, I am not proud of the lack of care we have given to our front yard! Since we moved in I have hated the three azalea bushes lined under the first floor windows. They bloom for maybe a month and the rest of the year they look a mess, but we have not been able to decide on what we want to put in their place or what we want the landscaping to look like, period. It is something we would like to do ourselves, but I am seriously contemplating hiring a landscaping company to do it for us!

This is what the front currently looks like:
As you can see it just lacks curb appeal and that drives me nuts! I've been googling the heck out of "landscaping ideas for small front yards" and came across a few (very very similar) ideas that I liked.

**Please forgive me in advance, as I have NO IDEA the names of bushes and trees! Y'all will have to bear with me! **
I really like the smaller round bushes underneath the windows with the pops of colored flowers lining the front of the bushes. I also really like the topiaries, however since our door is not centered in the middle of the house it would look silly with just one. I'm all about symmetry.

This is pretty much along the lines of the first idea. I am really in love with the lush green grass! If only we could get our yard this perfect!

With how small of a space we have I know it won't be difficult to do or expensive, which is a total win win situation, it's just finding the time (hence why I wouldn't mind hiring someone else to do it)! The backyard is a whole other project in itself. Since that is Baby Reef's playground we have to make sure we don't plant anything that is poisonous or that he would be tempted to dig at or up! Every now and again he gets a wild hair up his behind and decides he wants to dig holes! Daddy doesn't like that one bit!

For now I think I have a very doable idea for the front! Now I am really excited to, hopefully, get my ideas rolling, and tackle this to do!

Hope you ladies have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!! I'll see  you gals on Monday!!!


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  1. Lauran, try Boxwood bushes/trees (I can't seem to remeber which it actually is). They can be maintained really easily, Reef won't get hurt if he chews on them a little, you can keep them cut to any shape/height you want, and they come in Very handy around Christmas cause you can pick from them to make beautiful fresh front door wreaths.