Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Once again it's Monday and we have flown through another weekend! Seriously, I need time to slow down!! This weekend was rather busy as most and I'm already counting down the days for the upcoming weekend!

Friday evening consisted of just relaxing! We ordered Chinese, cuddled with the pup, and watched the NCAA tourney. I had to exit the room for a bit of the UNC game because of the intensity of both the game and my hubby's reaction to the television. When he is watching his Tarheels, I try at all cost to preoccupy myself with something outside of the T.V. room! Needless to say Carolina won and he was one happy hubby! Baby Reef even showed his excitement and support in one of his daddy's Carolina tee shirts! Too bad they couldn't pull off the win last night! Our household was rather quiet after that game!

Saturday, I spent the earlier part of the morning at the hair salon. My dark hair didn't take the blonde coloring like we had hoped so my wonderful hairstylist who happens to be my stepmother corrected it! We both were much happier with the final result! It's a safe bet, that when you are as dark haired as I was, it's better to go blonde gradually instead of all at once! While at the salon I was even paid a visit by my momma and Nanna! I always love seeing those two fabulous women!!

After my salon visit, I stopped off at the hubby's high school where he coaches baseball. Goooo Saints!! They had a game scheduled but with the rainy dreary weather it was only a matter of time before it was canceled. Sure enough an hour after I arrived home, the hubster was headed home himself! Once he was home we snuggled up for a rainy day nap before getting ourselves prepared for our Dinner/Game night at the Hill household! 

The Hills totally out did themselves for dinner! Tatiana had an amazing spread prepared of shrimp and flank steak tacos, homemade guacamole, quesadillas, and yummy toppings and fixins! My golly that gal can cook! Not to mention she can make a KILLER margarita! When we got there, their 11 month old was still awake, so I got to steal TONS of her baby kisses! She is the sweetest most adorable baby! She wanted to be up in the mix and socialize with everyone with her little smiles and waves! I could've literally eaten her up! After dinner was over and the baby put to bed we pulled out Apples to Apples! Such a fun game and the hubby and I swept both rounds! Yay Harrells! I don't win games often so I was pretty proud! After playing we relaxed for a bit before deciding to head home and face (for me) what would be an extremely long sleepless night!

Neither of my boys were feeling well once we got home. Todd headed to bed while I let baby Reef out. I could tell something was off with the pupster but just thought he was overly tired. Within thirty minutes of being in the bed, baby Reef started convulsing, obviously I didn't want him to throw up all over our bed so I got him down on the floor where he proceeded to vomit! Meanwhile the hubby slept through it. Once I got it cleaned up we went back to sleep only for me to be awoken in 3 hours to my sweet child convulsing again. I cleaned up his mess again and took him downstairs to let him out and make him drink some water. He wasn't interested in going potty or drinking which was making me nervous, so I hopped on my phone and started googling! BIG MISTAKE! I pretty much diagnosed my pup with every disease known to mankind! So much for getting any sleep at that point! I woke up with the pup around 8:30 and fed him breakfast. He seemed to be feeling better! Much more spirited and lively! We are still keeping a close eye on him but he seems to be back to his old self. I'm praying for a serious sleep session tonight! 

As for the rest of my Sunday, my Mother-in-law, Grandmother-in-law, Aunt-in-law, and myself went to see the Broadway hit "Wicked"! One word to describe it? FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! When I was little I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz! I had my very own ruby red slippers, I watched the movie over and over again, had the character barbie dolls, and was even Dorothy for Halloween one year (thanks to my Nanna's awesome sewing skills). It was so neat to see how the witches became good and wicked before Dorothy ever arrived in Oz!  The actors and actresses were sooo talented and had amazing voices! The finale moved me to tears!!! If this production is EVER in your area... GO SEE IT! You won't regret it I promise! Not only was the show amazing but so was spending time with the women in my hubby's life! It's always nice getting together with them, especially for girl time!!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends as well and I hope you all have amazing starts to your week!! Thank goodness the dreary weather has moved out! The sunshine is good for my soul!

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