Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Need a Blog Facelift

I'm not the most computer savvy person. Crazy right? I can work my way around the internet and I know how to use certain programs, but when it comes to designing my blog I am CLUELESS! I have scoured countless blog template websites and I'm never satisfied with what they have to offer nor am I satisfied with my current blog design!

Since I've started to blog regularly, I've been reading lots of other blog as well, and their templates and layouts are fantastic! So much more appealing to the eye than mine! I need HELP!!

Are there any recommendations from my readers?? I've looked into a personally designed blog, but I'm not sure if I am prepared to make that kind of purchase right now! If I can start gaining followers that decision may change (meaning FOLLOW ME :) ). Those jokers can get pretty pricey but I know I would enjoy blogging even more if it was something that screamed ME!

I'm also contemplating changing my blog name! What do y'all think? I want something creative and fun but that incorporates all of the things I love! Being a wife, being southern, being real, etc. My creative juices just aren't flowing right now and I can't think of a single unique title!

This is where I need y'alls help! I would like to do a little contest to see who can come up with a new blog title for me! It has to include something about me being southern and a wife! Whoever can come up with the best title will win a prize and I promise you I'll make it worth it!! Just put your idea in the comment section below! If I choose to use one of them, I will make my announcement in two weeks!!

I'm really excited to see what y'all come up with! Hopefully my creativity will get rolling here soon and I can start to work on a more appealing layout that shows who I am!

Hope you lovely housewives have a fabulous Tuesday! Much love and happiness to you all!



  1. The sweet life of a southern wife ...catchy huh? Im sure I will think of more, I'll let you know as I come up with them

  2. Adventures of a southern wife...