Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here is what I'm currently loving today and this week!!!

1. OPI's My Address is "Hollywood". I am currently rocking this gorgeous coral pink color on my tootsies! Now that the weather is warm and the toes are starting to make appearances in open toed shoes, I figured I needed to primp them a bit! The color screams fun loving!!!

2.  The endless support people have shown pertaining to my blog! In order to get viewers, followers, and traffic to my page, I post the link to my Facebook and Twitter accounts! The comments I have received through Facebook are so uplifting and motivating! It's really nice to know people enjoy my daily ramblings and my writing. It is something I've really enjoyed doing! I've always loved writing and I'm extremely thankful I've found an outlet for it! I can't thank y'all enough for being so awesome!

3. Peonies! Who doesn't love these gorgeous flowers?! I trying to resist buying bunches from Trader Joe's and putting them in every vase I own around my home! Aside from hydrangea's these are my other favorite flower!!

4.  Snuggles with Baby Reef. I think I've pretty much given yall my morning routine here so I won't bore you readers with it again, however Baby Reef and I have added snuggles to that routine! After eating his breakfast we hid upstairs to get "snuggles and rubs" for a few before I have to rush around and get prepared for work! He is seriously the most lovable furrbaby EVER! I love giving him his "snuggles and rubs" just as much as he likes receiving them! He is momma's sweet sweet boy and Daddy has a soft spot for him too!

5. The Breaking Dawn Pt 2 teaser trailer!!! Holy Moly just watch it!! Can't wait!!

Hope you lovely ladies and dashing gentlemen (I found that I have some male readers and fans) have a wonderful wednesday! Only a few more days till the weekend!!!


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