Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today’s, What I’m loving Wednesday goes South of the Mason Dixon Line! With sunshine and spring time filling the air, I just can’t help but love and appreciate all things Southern! Here ya’ll go!

1. Charleston, South Carolina. We have never been there but plan on changing this so very soon! We've even talked about possibly moving there if we were to ever find a great job in that area! I love every bit of the Southern charm it exudes. It has everything we love; water, palm trees, warm weather and "Hey Y'alls"! Seriously WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?!
2. Southern Living Magazine. My mother in law loves to read all kinds of magazines and I'm lucky enough to get them when she's done! One that I really look forward to is SLM! They have yummy recipes, awesome decor (which channels on the likes of Pottery Barn) ideas, and fabulous fashion finds! It reeks everything Southern and brings so much joy to my happy little heart!

3.  Grits. What southern gal does not LOVE grits?! My absolutely favorite is grits with cheese, but honestly I'm happy with ANY kind! My all time favorite thing to do with my breakfast when it includes grits, is to cut up my sausage and mix it all up with my eggs! It might sound unappetizing to some, but it is delish! You also can't be a southern gal and not love Shrimp n'Grits! So comforting and good for the soul!

4. Floppy Hats. I am assuming you can thank the Kentucky Derby for Floppy Hats, but regardless of who or what event started the trend, I can't thank them enough! Floppy Hats are PERFECT for beach days and outside events such as graduations, weddings, bridal/baby showers, bridal luncheons, etc. Just keep in mind you may block someones view at a graduation or wedding, so you may want to avoid sitting directly in the midst of people or choosing an overly large floppy hat! Overall, they are a must for my beach days! They are superb at blocking sun-rays on your face and neck and can keep your hair from flying in the ocean breeze. Plus, they are cute to boot.

5. Sippin' on Sweet Iced Tea. Now that the warm temperatures we have had are on the rise (87 degrees last week! Really?!) my need for sweet iced tea has gone up five notches! I drink sweet tea often, but it seems that the sunnier and warmer it gets, the more tea I'm downing! It's so refreshing, it helps my sweet tooth, and by golly it's just plain SOUTHERN! Here's to making a big pitcher of it when I get home this evening!

Hope you lovely housewives are having a fantastic hump day! And by no means is this post meant to offend any of my northern loves... in fact, if you are from the North, PLEASE share you favorite Northern things :) I'd love to hear them!


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