Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Monday - Happy Holiday!

I realized I failed to write a post on Friday! Oops! I spent Friday morning at the vet office with Baby Reef! We had another spell of poo accidents in the kitchen and throwing up the night before! I decided to take him to a new vet considering the old one made me feel like they were just looking for a check AND didn't seem to know what they were ever doing! Too many mix ups with the receptionists, paying $55 for a vet exam when he NEVER even laid a hand on my baby, and then pulling out a text book to point out what the problem may be but never diagnosing him, even with all the tests they ran! I like the new vet and they seemed more than concerned about his issues. We weren't able to find out the exact problem, but they tried and are still trying! We should hear more later this week!

After deciding to stay home with him from work, I went and picked up Fifty Shades Darker to read while being home! Needless to say I got caught up in the insane world of Christian and Ana that I totally forgot to post a blog! I'm currently reading the last book but decided to put it aside for a bit for my readers and my house {it needs a good cleaning}. Hopefully I can get around to vacuuming and such today considering I think I may have strep throat! Seriously?! So not okay with not feeling well as my throat is on fire and the only thing that relieves the pain is coffee, tea, and soup! I can't stand being sick!

I hope all of you are having a lovely holiday today and had an amazing holiday weekend! We beached it up with our pals the Soon-to-be-Hills and their precious baby girl, Ruby! She even sported the ruffled bathing suit I gave her for her one year birthday!! She is such a little beach baby! We headed to the beach rather early and figured she probably wouldn't last too long! Boy were we all wrong! That child is a trooper! She played in the sand, taking face plant after face plant, and even eating mouthfuls of it! A little sand never hurt anyone right?! She took a nap under the shade of the umbrella, woke up well rested, and played even harder! We spent about 6 hours on the beach soaking up the rays and I've got the tan lines and red shoulders to prove it!

After the beach, the hubby and I headed to my in-laws to have a nice dinner with the family and some of their friends! Great food as always and wonderful conversations! I even got the hubby's Aunt to start reading Fifty Shades! She stopped by our house after the dinner to pick up the first book! I have yet to chat with her about it but her husband was more than eager for her to start reading it!

As I relax today I can't help but think about all of those who gave their lives for us to have our freedoms! As they say, Freedom isn't Free and someone had to pay the price for us! Thank-you to our soldiers, veterans, and emergency service personnel. Without you and your sacrifice, we would not be able to live these amazing lives we have been given! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of those sacrifices! I am so humbled and thankful!!!

Hope you darlings are having the most amazing Monday! I am off to tackle this large task of cleaning! Lord knows this house needs it! Luckily I don't feel too bad being stuck inside since it's cloudy out! At least I know I'm  not missing too much fun!!!


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