Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tiffany - Blabbering Thoughts - Guest Post!

Tiffany was one of my first followers on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram! I love her blunt sarcasm and sassy style! Not to mention her precious babes fill up my Instagram feed weekly and I love it!! She is very far from the South and I can't wait for y'all to read about California from her perspective! Be sure to pay her blog a visit too! Xoxo!

Midwest girl gone West Coast

When I say Midwest what do you think of? Do you think Indiana? I am guessing no. I am not quite sure why Indiana is considered the "midwest" but I like it. Now that you know I am from Indiana I bet you are wondering where I live now... I live in California.. You know that over glorified state that is beautiful but yet in debt up to their ears? Yeah that place.. I live there. But I don't live on the "coast" I live in the valley.

I come from a cornfield.. Seriously, I grew up in a cornfield... Okay I am joking but I lived next to like 5 cornfields. I love when people I meet out here ask where I am from & I say.. Indiana.. And they give me this blank stare like.. Right.. I do not know where that is.. Somewhere East. You know a lot of Californians consider Indiana East Coast? I am like whoa did you not have geography in 5th grade? Because I did. Anyway - No one knows anything about Indiana except it snows. Yes, it does.. In the winter time but in the summer time it doesn't. It's scorching & it's humid. I love Indiana. I love being a Hoosier. I love being Red & White. I love Indy Car. This sign is who I am.. Or at this point who I was. 
But now, I am apart of California. I've been here for 2 whole years. Say whaaaa?

I never thought California would be my home. When I grew up.. In the 3rd grade I requested a newspaper from Long Beach, California.. Little did I know I'd live in California but definitely not in an overpriced crowded city. I am very bitter towards the big cities. Of course they've got great views, but the weather. It sucks. I mean I like to be on fire in the summer time. Plus all those coastal cities are soooooo traffic-y. I want to punch myself in the face every time I get on one of their highways.

OKAY but this post is about me moving west & instead I am just rambling. I moved west 2 years ago with my daughter to be with her daddy. He is an air traffic controller & Fresno, California is where he got placed I guess you could say. So now we are here. At first the city is blah, it's a new town.. Don't know a lot of people. It's hard. 

I am slowly meeting people. I miss my family like crazy but it made me grow as a person & it helped our family tremendously. 

So here is my point.. You need to visit California. Not just for the LA/Hollywood/Disneyland/San Diego/San Francisco.. There are other places here you know.

You need to see Yosemite. I am not a nature girl but I love me some mountains. Breathtaking.

You need to drive down Highway 1 to Big Sur. Did I say breathtaking already? Okay, these views are impeccable

Plus did I mention that Vegas is just a short trip away. Yeah Vegas. I don't like to party... I don't like to gamble.. But this place is BOMB. Just saying. 

Now - My next mission getting Lauran little miss south east girl & her man to come visit me :)

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