Friday, May 18, 2012

Anni-moon Here We Come!!

Ive always wanted to visit Charleston, SC! I blogged about it here a few months ago! Well lovely readers, I am finally getting to visit the most gorgeous city {that I’ve seen on-line and in magazines}! The hubby and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in this amazingly historic city! I can’t wait!

Historic tours, shopping, beer/wine tastings, southern food, ahhh bring it all on!!! Possibly even a photo shoot with a local photographer to capture our first anniversary and to document our travels! We can’t thank my hubby’s step-father and mom enough for allowing us to use their rewards points to book our stay! It has saved us an incredibly large amount of money that we can now put towards other anni-moon adventures!

If any of you southern SC ladies know of ANY fabulous local Charleston photographers please let me know!!! I really think it would be fun to have a little love photo session while we are there!

Can’t wait to check in at the Embassy Suites Charleston in Historic Charleston on June 9th!!

Hope everyone enjoyed Tiffany from Blabbering Thoughts yesterday!! I'm pretty positive our next get-a-way will have to be California!
Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday so far!!! Any awesome plans for the weekend?! You know I love to hear what everyone is doing!!! See y'all Monday!!



  1. Oh, you are going to looove Charleston! It truly is a gem of a city. I'm from SC (Columbia) and live in Charlotte now. We love being a short 3hr drive from this historic city. Do you have your dinner spots picked out? You MUST grab an afternoon cocktail on the rooftop of Market Pavilion!

  2. Charleston is sooooo pretty!! Make sure to take lots of pics - there are so many cool things to see! :)