Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here we are saying Aloha to yet another Wednesday! I really need time to slow down! I remember being a teenager and all the adults saying, "the older you get, the faster time flies". How true is this?! I sure did not believe it back then, but boy do I now!! Hope you precious peeps are having a fantastic week and Wednesday so far! Here is what I'm loving today!!

1. 31 Followers! I really have 31 followers?! I feel so honored that people actually want to follow my blog! To some this may not seem like a WHOLE lot, but after only been blogging regularly for two months, I feel like this number is the equivalent of 310! Thank you to all of my fans who read my silly life ramblings and who leave their sweet encouraging comments! Y'all are so uplifting and I swear if we all met in person, we'd be the bestest of friends!

2. This quote: "When God laid out the plan for your life, he laid out the right people, breaks, opportunities, and open doors. But on the way to these marked moments are "no's" - closed doors, setbacks and disappointments. It's easy to grow discouraged and give up when we face these times; but it is after the "no's" in life that a "yes" will eventually come. God is in divine control of everything happening in your life. The no's we face are not a surprise to HIm, they are simply a test of our faith. To pass the test, stay focused and press through the no's when they come. If you do, you are going to come into the abundance of what God has in store." ~ {Joel Osteen} How awesome is this quote?! A sweet co-worker shared this with me yesterday and it seriously was exactly what I needed to read and hear! Whenever you're down, PLEASE revert to this! I swear it will pick your spirits up and make you eager to work through whatever difficulty you may be experiencing! I need to print this out on pretty paper, frame it, and hang it some place in my home where I will see it every day! 

3. Our Wedding Day feature on Heart Love Weddings! I know, I know, I've already shared it, but I still think it's the coolest thing ever! Some of our photos have even made their way to Pinterest and people are pinning and liking them! It is beyond wild to me! Of course I thought everything about our day was beautiful and gorgeous, but it's really neat thinking other people thought so too! Not to mention they like it enough to pin to their own wedding idea boards! I can't thank Heart Love Weddings and Style by Design enough for making the feature possible! 

4.  Paying off another credit card! We've only had a total of 4 credit cards ever, as a couple, never all at the same time. The most we've had at one time was three. We applied for three of them when we were making a substantial purchase and we usually put half of the amount down in cash and then put the other half on the card! I personally hate cc's and I never had my own until 2 years ago! Because of my sheer hatred for them, I make sure, {especially if we are paying off an item} that when we can, we pay the whole card completely off! Well I'm happy to report that now we have added one more paid off card to the list, which leaves us with one! The one left is actually the "emergency" cc, which we use for random things that we may need or vet visits for the dog, you get the point. This one, we will keep open, but I'm hoping to get this one paid off if not extremely low within the next few months! I love being able to cross this kind of stuff of my "to do" list. I hate debt and I don't want to be one of those people who get so caught up in debt that they can't get out! 

5.  Visiting my dad, step-mom, brother and sister this past Sunday! We ventured out to my hometown this past Sunday to have dinner at my Dad's house. Now, you have to understand my hometown, Suffolk. It's the largest city {land wise} in VA. There is Downtown Suffolk, North Suffolk and then Holland, Whalleyville, and Chuckatuck {which are burroughs/communities on the Western, Southern, and Northwest part of the city}. From Downtown Suffolk it takes 25 minutes to get to Whalleyville {which is about 5 miles from the NC state line} and from Downtown Suffolk to North Suffolk is another 25 minutes. My dad lives about 10 to 15 minutes past Whalleyville, and we live about 10 minutes east of North Suffolk, so calculate it all together and it literally takes us about an hour to get to their house! It's crazy! But I love visiting them. They live out in the deep country and basically have no neighbors! It is incredibly peaceful out there and they have all kinds of sports equipment and a pool to keep us entertained! Bikes, golf clubs, soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. They also have one of Baby Reef's brothers!! His name is Cash and he is a country lab! Our little city lab gets so worn out when he goes to see his brother because they play NON-STOP for hours! I am talking 5 hours straight this past Sunday! Baby Reef is still pooped today from all the fun! It may take a while to get out there, but the visits are always well worth the drive! I love family time and treasure the moments dearly. It is why I wish we had more time in our days and weeks so we would be able to spend it with our loved ones! 

I hope all of you are having the most lovely Wednesday! Can't believe we are half way through another week!!! See you beauties tomorrow!!! 



  1. Congrats for paying off a credit card, that is awesome ! That's really awesome. Glad to hear your having a good week !

    1. Thank you sweetpea!! It's definitely a great feeling!! Hope you had a fabulous "hump" day :)

  2. I love this quote! I'm going to have to share it. Congrats on getting a credit card paid off! I had way too many in college and decided that they all had to be paid off before I got married. Since then my hubby and I have used cash for all of our purchases. If you don't have the money you shouldn't be getting it has been my philosophy. ;)

  3. Good for you for paying off debt - we are working on that right now too.