Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Mini Goals

Here I am back again to post a new month of Mini Goals! Helllllo May!! I can't believe how quickly this year is already flying by or that the hubby and I are one month away from celebrating the survival (hehe) of our first year married!! April came and went as did some of the goals I had set for myself! This month brings a few previous goals and some new ones as well! Check them out!

1. Write 1 handwritten note to someone once a week. This is being carried over from April since I did not write anyone a single letter! I think if I set it to a precise number it may be easier for me to accomplish! I have a few special people in mind so that is a good start!

2. Run at least 1 of the 5 mornings that I take Reef for a walk. I somewhat did this last month and ran twice in the four week time period. I carried this over since I did not fully accomplish it in hopes that I can keep up with the promise I have made to myself! I'm going to eventually enjoy running, even if I've hated it for the whole 27 years of my existence!

3. Take after dinner walks at least twice a week with Reef and Hubby. Since we did not even TRY this last month I am making this a priority! I need the exercise and so does Baby Reef! The hubby could honestly sit around on his behind all day and eat Mickey D's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not gain a pound. Dear Lord, I hope our future children have his genes!

4. Purchase bed frame, bed skirt, and king size pillows for the new bed, as well as, decide on a new headboard. We found out this weekend that our current bed frame doesn't extend to a king, so currently our box springs and mattress are on the floor! I find this extremely trashy and our bedroom has NO appeal what-so-ever right now because of it! We have to find a bed frame ASAP! Not to mention, it annoys me when I can see box springs peeking out from under a duvet so a bed skirt is a must as well! In all reality this goal is a HUGE MUST period. I can't take looking at an unfinished bed!

5. Replace blinds in 2nd guest room. I showed y'all here where I finally changed the blinds in the first guest room. Now that I've cleaned out the second room I can get around to changing those blinds as well! Luckily I already have the window treatments for those windows, so at least I don't have to worry about looking for those!

6. Begin teaching myself how to sew on the sewing machine. I REALLY want to learn how to sew and now that my momma is giving me a sewing machine, I finally have the chance. I'm seriously contemplating making the curtains and duvet cover for the first guest room once I learn how! Not to mention lots of fun other things for around the house! Who knows I may even become good at it and try my hand at clothes! haha!

7. Throw a fabulous Mother's Day Brunch! Todd and I are hosting a Mother's Day Brunch at our home for all of our Mom's and Grandmas! And when I say all I mean, our mommas, our step-mommas and our beautiful grandmothers who all had a huge part in raising us! I'm really excited and have so many ideas! I can't wait to execute them all! Just pray for good weather because I'm hoping to be able to set it up on our patio and have tables decorated outside!

8. Clean and organize the Dining Room and Office. These rooms need some SERIOUS organization and for the sake of embarrassing myself, I will refrain from posting photos (for now)! My dinning room table is covered with all sorts of junk and don't even get me started on our desk in the office! No matter how much I try to clean and straighten it up, it always appears to be a disaster!

9. Apply to at least 5 new career positions for the month of May. As you read here, you know how I feel about my J-O-B. I have been actively searching and applying since the New Year for a position in the field I want to be in, however, I'm not having a whole lot of luck. I look at it as, the more positions I apply to, the more chances I have. Plus, what is there to lose? Just another month in my current job which gives me another month of work experience. I know there is something out there waiting for me and as long as I keep working hard at trying to find it and get it, it will happen. It's just going to happen on the Lord's time, not mine.

10. {I added this one after I wrote out my list!} Take my wedding set to be redipped and soldered together. It hasn't been dipped since this time last year so it is definitely over due! Now if I could just part with it for a week!

I hope those of you who make monthly goals are achieving them and feeling positive about yourselves! Even if some of those goals are not accomplished you can always carry them over! Don't beat yourself up over it, just focus on the ones that you have checked off the list and try hard this month to check off the others!

Have a terrific Tuesday and I will see you lovelies tomorrow for WILW!



  1. Between running,writing,hosting and sewing you are going to be one busy lady! This is such a good idea to jot things down, you do keep yourself way more accountable that way :) Thanks for sharing...I may just have to make a list myself :)

    1. haha Ill be lucky to accomplish all of these this month!! Check out http://sunkissedandsouthern.blogspot.com/ ... she is how I got the idea of the mini goals!! Thanks for stopping by and following!!! :)

  2. Your list looks great! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! It's a wee bit hefty so I'm going to need that luck!!

  3. I love your idea to set mini goals for each month!

    1. Thanks hun! I got the idea from http://sunkissedandsouthern.blogspot.com/ .... she does it too!! Hope you are having a good Tuesday!