Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Good Afternoon loves! I hope all of you are having a fantastic week so far!! We are half way through this week which only means the weekend is right around the corner! Here is what I'm currently excited about and loving this week!

1. The hubby’s baseball team reached the TCIS baseball semis with a 13 – 5 win over Bishop Sullivan {BS} last night!!! This was a huge win for us! BS has a pretty substantial baseball program and their players and fans know it. They aren’t the best at showing good sportsmanship so this was almost like a slap in the face to them! So extremely proud of our coaching staff and players for a job well done!! Not to mention, I’m pretty stoked I was finally able to attend a game!! Maybe I’m the teams good luck charm?! Hehe totally kidding!

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

2. Mother’s Day Brunch crafts. I’ve been working hard this week trying to get things together for this weekend’s mommy celebrations!! I can’t wait to share pictures of how all my crafts and ideas come together!!! I HAVE to remember to keep my camera close by!

3. Keeping anniversary gifts a surprise! If you know me you know I hate surprises! I’m a snooper! Always have been since I can remember. I snoop for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts. If there is an occasion approaching where I know a gift is accompanying it, I will snoop. Yes, I know this is TERRIBLE! Anticipation kills me and I’m not the most patient person on the planet! Needless to say, the hubby has become a pro at keeping things hidden where I can’t find them. He knows me all too well! We both have NO idea what the other person has in store and I am actually kind of liking the suspense! I’ve tried getting it out of him, but he won’t budge! I am definitely looking forward to this sweet surprise! Only 32 days to go!

4. Sleeping without a sleep aid. I know I shared with y'all that I was prescribed Ambian to help me sleep at night. Well, I took my last pill on Sunday night and since then I have been sleeping like a baby! I am feeling well rested this week too! Hopefully this restful sleeping continues and I won’t need any kind of aid to help in the future!!

5. Town Point Virginia Wine Festival 2012! We are attending the wine fest this weekend and could not be more excited! We will be headed there with our close pals the Soon-to-be-Hills and look forward to a really great time! Wine tastings galore?! What’s not to enjoy about that?!

What are y'all loving today?! I'd love to hear!! Have an awesome rest of the day and evening!!!


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  1. I am dreadful with surprises too. My husband now knows not to actually purchase a gift until the last possible moment because if it is in the house I will find it!