Thursday, June 14, 2012

And the Winner Is....

Hey yall!!! I'm here to announce the winner of the $50.00 Target Gift Card Give Away!!!

First, here are some photo's of the process!

List of entries
Cut into strips


Before you watch the video here are some warnings! Yes, my face is an oily mess! Yes, my hair is a wreck! And Yes, I say UMMM way too much!!! 


Erin from 
Just a Few of My Favorite Things

Erin's Answer on what she would buy was:

"Wow! What an awesome giveaway!! I would use the gift card to buy nail polish (you can never have too much!!), some scrapbook supplies, and probably a few books, since I love to read! :)"

I sent you an email requesting your information so I can send this $50 Gift Card to you ASAP!!

Thank you again to everyone who participated and who helped me and my blog in gaining lots of new followers!! Y'all have been amazingly supportive and I seriously love y'all to pieces!!!



  1. You are so cute! Who cares about a little face glimmer ;) Congrats to Erin!

  2. Thanks again! I was so excited to see I had won! You are so sweet for hosting such an awesome giveaway (and I'm not just saying that bc I won, haha!!) :)