Friday, June 1, 2012

June 2012 Mini Goals & Give A-Way Update!

Hello beautiful month of June! As you already know from many of my current ramblings, June is a very special month. In just 11 days the hubby and I will be celebrating our first entire year of marriage! I can't believe we have already reached a year and I am looking forward to what year number two has in store for us!

This month brings yet another set of goals I hope to achieve. Let's see if I can stick and land any of these!

1. Write one handwritten note to someone once a week. I am keeping this on the goal list because it is extremely important to me. I want the receivers to know I've been thinking of them and appreciate them in my life. I want them to feel important!

2. Use My Fitness Pall app EVERYDAY to keep track of calorie intake. I used this last week pretty religiously but then the weekend showed up and it went out the window. I need to use this everyday for my health. Getting my cholesterol down is extremely important to me and the well being of my over all body.

3. Purchase a bed frame and bedskirt for new bed. This is a continuation of last month. I can't take this mattress and box springs on the floor much longer! It doesn't help make the bedroom look complete and I really have a huge problem with that!

4. Figure out what to do with the old queen mattress and bed frame. Currently these items are taking up space in guest room 2! I would put it in the attic, but quite honestly I don't think it will fit through the attic door {we have a pull down attic}. I don't necessarily want to throw it away because we could always use it in the future but we don't have the room to keep it! Anyone need a queen size mattress???

5. Apply to at least 5 new career positions for the month. This is another continuation from last month and this is one of the most important goals I need to complete. I think I've let job postings intimidate me therefore I have refrained from applying. I really believe I just need to "grab the bull by the horns" and take some serious chances and risks. I realized yesterday that I am willing and wanting to put babies on hold for several more years if that means I can have an amazing career that I love. The worst I will be told is "no" or the silence of a "not offer". I prefer the no, I can't stand wondering for weeks at a time if I will get a call!

6. Have an AMAZING anniversary trip to Charleston, SC. This is one goal I KNOW will be accomplished!!! Can't wait!

7. Send wedding set off to be redipped and soldered together. That is, once again, if I can part with it! Lord knows it needs some of it's sparkle back!

8. Powerwalk EVERY morning with Reef. If I can't even run once a week I better dern well be able to power walk every blaming morning! If I fail at this, there really is no hope for me!

9. Save more money, $50.00 to $100.00 per paycheck. Point blank, this goal needs to happen. I don't care if you think I'm getting to personal. This is my blog and I'm here to share. I don't save money, mainly because by the time I get through a paid period it's all gone, but I know this isn't good for our financial future and I am adamant on making sure we have cushion in the bank!

I think I should be able to stick to more than half of these! If not, there just aren't any words and I know I will not only be disappointed in myself but disappointed that I can't even accomplish these tiny tasks even when being held accountable by all of you! If you make goals each month I seriously pray you are all doing better than I am and that you are proud of yourselves!!

So I know that I mentioned I would be posting about the Target Gift Card Give Away today ~ Well I kind of told a white lie! Actually I just changed my mind! I'm going to do a post on Monday with ALL of the details and the ways you can enter!! That way I can have an entire post just to showcase it and you can visit one link to enter instead of having to scroll through all my jibber jabberish to get what you need!

I wish all of you the most happiest of weekends! Stay safe, have a blast, and enjoy some down time!!!
Until Monday my loves!!



  1. I love the idea of handwritten notes - so cute! Happy Friday!

  2. Good luck with all of your goals Lauran! And congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

  3. Make sure you remind me of your giveaway so I can pimp you out...... You're welcome lol

  4. What a great list! Hope you get them off checked off the month! :)