Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012 Mini Goals Roundup & Special Announcement

Seriously, I know I say this every week, but I really really really need time to slow down! How are we already at the end of May?! I feel like we were just celebrating New Years 2 weeks ago and that I got married a month ago! And now I'll be celebrating my first year of marriage in 12 days! Holy Heck!

Here I am, back to give an update on another month's of mini goals! Ha I can't help but chuckle at how much of a disaster this month was as far as trying to accomplish anything! I swear on everything I believe in that I will eventually follow through with EVERYTHING on these lists that I post, which means I will keep writing them EVERY month! Want the update? Here ya go:

1. Write 1 handwritten note to someone once a week. FAIL ~ well sort of. I wrote and mailed one! That's better than none right??

2. Run at least 1 of the 5 mornings that I take Reef for a walk. EPIC FAIL. Plain and simple I hate running. I'd rather power walk. Maybe I should start even smaller and power walk more and work my way up to running?! How flipping lazy of me!

3. Take after dinner walks at least twice a week with Reef and Hubby. FAIL. We did it once and once is not enough!

4. Purchase bed frame and bed skirt as well as king size pillows for new bed - Also decide on headboard. Semi-Fail. I bought the dern pillows but unfortunately nothing else!

5. Replace blinds in 2nd guest room. hahahaha FAIL FAIL FAIL. I haven't even stepped foot in that room since we moved the old mattress in there! I can't get around ANYTHING!

6. Begin teaching myself how to sew. WIN WIN WIN. My mom gave me a sewing machine and lots of sewing necessities at the beginning of the month. She also taught me one Sunday afternoon how to thread the machine and use a bobbit and all the little tricks of the trade . I even made a little pillow for Baby Reef as seen here.

7. Throw a fabulous Mother's Day Brunch. HOMERUN WIN! This went perfectly and everyone had a wonderful time!! I was extremely happy with how it all came together and how it turned out! Check it out here if you missed it!

8. Clean an organize the Dining Room and Office. Another HOMERUN! This had to be done for the brunch and has pretty much stayed that way since! The office desk could use a bit more organization but I need to find baskets and such for the shelves before I can totally dive into that!

9. Apply to at least 5 new career positions for the month. EPIC FAIL. I did not even apply to one. I blame that on not being able to find anything I felt I was "qualified" for. Either I was too qualified or I need more experience. Nothing in the good ole middle! Talk about frustrating. I did however start looking in other areas, like Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Charleston, SC. Can't hurt to look outside of our area right?!

10. Take my wedding set to be redipped and soldered together. Last FAIL of the list. I'm not sure how I am ever going to get this done when I have such a hard time parting with my sparkles!!!!

Jeesh, looking at this list has me depressed!! I hope you all were way more motivated this month than I was! Obviously many of these will be moving on to next month's goals. I may drop a few and add some different goals. Possibly to shake it up a bit and get me motivated?! In the mean time I'm going to try not to beat myself up too bad. In my own defense we were pretty busy this month AND the weather for half of the time didn't cooperate for a lot of outdoor activity or shopping {I really cant stand being out in the yuck}. Hope you loves did a lot better than I did!!

Now on to what you really want to know about and why you are reading today's post ~ wink wink!

Yesterday my blog was extremely close to having 50 followers! I thought bribing would get us there, so I tweeted to my bloggy friends about a give-a-way I was going to do once I hit 50 followers! Well they retweeted, and others retweeted, and low and behold I wake up this morning with 51 blog followers!! Hehe you gals must really love Target and winning stuff!

So... How does a $50.00 gift card to Target sound?! I was thinking, for my first give-away, I'd do something easy, like the gift card! Once I get all my details together and figure out HOW to have you followers enter and HOW I'm going to randomly pick someone {I'm still new to all this blog techno  random picker stuff} I'll give you all the scoop {leaning towards tomorrow} on what you need or don't need to do! hehe! Please feel free to keep spreading the word!

Y'all have been awesome these last few months and I love reading your comments and thoughts! They really make my day and I love that I'm making new friends all over the place!!! I really don't know if y'all realize how much your kindness means to me already!!
So go out, spread the world, and let me get rid of this gift card before I go spend it on myself!!!



  1. Rafflecopter!!!! It's so easy and picks a winner for you!!! :) (better pick my name)

  2. i think you did good on your goals! some are better than nothing accomplished at all!