Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Separation Anxiety

So, as most of you have read, the hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary in Charleston, SC. We are leaving VERY early Saturday morning and will head back home Wednesday evening. This is the first long vacation we have taken since Baby Reef joined our family. Needless to say I am very hesitant on leaving him for so long!

I remember the first day I went to work after he came home with us. I was a wreck! I cried all the way to work and then cried while I was at work! I felt like the worst mom in the world! All I could think about was how lonely he was! I even left the radio on for him {I still do} so he would have something to listen too!

Since we are going to be gone for a longer period, over night too, we hired a house sitter/dog sitter! Luckily I know her very well, as I was close with her older sister in high school! She just graduated from college and has not found a job yet, so I figured why not ask her! She can have full range of the house the only stipulation being that she can't burn it down! I'm feeling a little more at ease knowing Baby Reef will be in the comfort of his own home, with his own toys, and the familiarity of what he knows while we are gone!

I honestly wish we could take him with us, but I've always been a firm believer in making alone time for your spouse and leaving the kids at home for certain get-a-ways. Granted he is not a "kid" but he is our kid and we treat him that way. Mommy and daddy need their time together, just the two of us!

Can't you see why I'm having a hard time leaving this "lil bubba"?!

We hope he has a blast with his babysitter and I hope he is on his best behavior for her! We will miss him greatly but know he is in really good hands!!

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  1. Totally entering your giveaway today!! I am the same exact way with our dog - she is my baby after all!

  2. OMGGGG! girl i so get this way about leaving my animals! its literally one of the reasons i dont go on vacay very much! i wish everywhere was dog friendly bc I would take him with me everywhere!

  3. Awww...I know what you mean. Our pups always seems to do much better in our home w/ a sitter though (as opposed to taking them to someone's house or a *shudder* kennel). I'm sure your baby will be fine, and soooo glad to see you when you return! Just found your blog today, and had a fun little visit. Nice to meet another fellow VA blogger :-)

  4. I just returned from charleston and love it! My dream to move there one day :) As for your pup - I am sure he will be in amazing hands...but it will be hard :)

  5. Happy early Anniversary! Sounds like you guys have a fabulous trip planned. I've only been to Charleston once but just fell in love with it and can't wait to go back someday. I totally understand leaving the animals issue. We have 2 kitties and feel terrible when we have to leave them overnight. Thanks for your comment on my anniversary post! To answer your question- we went to HK on the Bay off Pleasure House Rd... Chesapeake Beach area. If ya'll have never been.. you must go! Great food and awesome atmosphere. They have live music on the weekends so we stayed after dinner to listen for a bit and had a great night! Good luck leaving your pup.. at least you know he's in good hands :) Have fun!!