Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm not going to lie today, I am in a really cranky mood. The last place I want to be is at this desk and in this office. I have so much to do before we leave on Saturday and I really have no idea how it's going to get done! To make matters even more frustrating I have yet to find anything to wear for our photo session! Annoyed is an understatement! I know these things are so minute but one thing I can't stand is not being able to find what I am looking for, especially for such an important trip.

Anywho, I'm trying to look on the brighter side of things, and thinking about what I'm loving today definitely brings a smile to my face!!

1. Receiving our first Anniversary card in the mail! I opened the mailbox yesterday evening to the typical junk mail but to my surprise there was a nice white envelope addressed to us from the hubby's grandmother!! It was such a thoughtful card and I was so touched that she sent us something for such a special occasion! She even included a nice little gift inside which is always a bonus! I am sure it will be put to great use on our Anni-moon!

2. Having a hair appointment tonight! Yes, I am finally getting my hair touched up after what has been like 2.5 months! My roots have grown out at least and inch and I'm feeling a bit "white trashish". I'm actually leaving work early today to head to a doctor's appointment and then my hair appointment. So that should give me something to look forward to later this afternoon!

3. New summer television premiers. Last night was a really great T.V. night in our house! I was able to watch the Pretty Little Liars summer premier, in peace and quiet, as the hubby had softball games! Ohhh the suspense of that show! Always ending with cliffhangers! Once the hubby got home, he reminded me that Franklin & Bash was premiering too! If you haven't watched that show, you should! It is a hoot, plus Mark Paul Gosselaar still has it going on considering he's 38! F&B is one show the hubby and I actually really enjoy watching together {he could give a rats a$$ about PLL or the Real Housewives of whatever city}.

4. New nail color. I've really been wanting a mint colored nail polish so last Friday I went to Sally's Beauty to check out their selection. Apparently I'm not the only Mint fan around because they were sold out, of every mint shade, of every brand they carried! Annoyed much? Yes! I really didn't want to leave without a polish as I wanted some color and pizazz on my nails, so I opted for Gumdrop by Orly! I've received a TON of compliments on it and I really love how fun it is! Not to mention this was the first time I tried Orly polish and I have to say, I'm seriously impressed!

5. My first blog give-a-way! Click here to see all the details!! I am really excited about this and can't thank so many of my readers enough for "advertising" it for me! It's amazing how awesome the blogging community is! Y'all have already become some of my favorite people in the short amount of time that I've been doing this! I am extremely humbled by everyone's kindness and support!

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday so far and are in much better spirits than I am! Just a little FYI too, I'll be guest posting over at Blabbering Thoughts tomorrow! It's my first guest post ever and I am extremely nervous, but if you want to learn A LOT more about me make sure you head over their tomorrow! I don't think you will be disappointed!



  1. I just got started with Pretty Little Liars - I'm on Season 1 from Netflix - but I love it already!! :)

  2. i'm in loveeee with that nail color girlfriend, and totally feel you on just not enough time in the day to get things accomplished. I have plenty of things that could keep me busy at my house too! Have a great day! p.s. I love reading your blog!!! ;)

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Nicholl here! Just found your blog and wanted to drop in and say hello!


  4. Nice post! Also- your blog button is too cute- love it!

  5. Try Ulta for a mint color! I got one there by Essie. The closest one is in Landstown Commons in Va Beach.

  6. hi there!! new to your blog! I'm not sure how i stumbled here but I'm so glad i did :) newest follower in the house!

    enjoy your freshly colored hair... i love the mint nail polish by essie; turquoise and caicos. its amazing!

    looking forward to reading more!

  7. I love me some Pretty Little Liars :) Gumdrop is one of my all time favorite nail colors! I wear it all of the time!!

  8. I LOVE PLL! I get the normal "eye roll" when my hubs comes through the door.


    hee hee...