Friday, June 8, 2012

This Friday, Last Year!

This Friday last year, I was a Miss for the last day of my life! I spent the day running loads of last minute wedding errands, packing bags for my overnight stay at my momma’s, and making sure the next-day-hubby had ALL he needed and knew what he HAD to bring to the wedding site the following morning. I also spent a good part of the day at the salon getting my wedding pedicure and manicure!

Then, later that evening, we greeted everyone at the wedding site for a backyard cookout rehearsal dinner which was then rained on! Luckily the huge tent was already set up, so we crammed everything and everyone under it! We opted for a low key rehearsal dinner just because we wanted to keep it casual. There were no fancy table settings or special setups, just all of our closest friends and families having some serious chill time before the madness of the next day’s activities. Sadly, I did not get ANY photos except for one that my best friend Lauren took! I’m not sure if the rain threw everyone off or if it was just the casualness of the dinner, but I’d say it was the only thing I was bummed about!

The one and only photo!
Later after saying goodbye to my soon-to-be groom for the last time as a single woman, momma and myself worked on last minute seating arrangements {btw DON’T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THAT, as I did!}. Side note, I had bridesmaids writing the table seating charts on the window panes, literally 2 hours before the wedding! Stupid Stupid I know! After we could finish all that was possible we headed to bed and I slept next to my momma for the last time as her little girl! Hard to believe it really has been a whole year!

Hope you all are having a HAPPY FRIDAY and have an even more glorious weekend!!! We will be leaving early tomorrow for our trip but I already have blog posts prepared while we are gone! You are really going to want to check them out, as I’m covering the details of our wedding throughout the whole week!

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  2. Have a fabulous anniversary trip!