Monday, June 18, 2012

Treats for Me!

Happy Monday Y'all!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating their dads, stepdads,  granddads, hubby's who are dads {to both children and furbabies} and all the other daddy like folks in your lives!!! Our weekend was pretty relaxed and it was just how I hoped it would be!

As many of you may have read already, I have a HUGE problem, treating myself to clothes! While I love looking at fashion, I HATE shopping. I also suffer from serious buyers remorse every time I do spend money on myself. It's sick and weird and I don't understand it! I hope to outgrow this "phase" considering I used to really enjoy shopping and "pissing" money away on clothes! Nonetheless, I did treat myself this week/weekend!

First item on the "let's add pizazz to my wardrobe" project... the infamous J.Crew Bauble Necklace! Y'all know what I'm referring to! It looks a little something like this:

I learned from Mrs. Britt, over at The Magnolia Pair, that Ebay is selling these necklaces like crazy for crazy cheap {when you compare it to the J.Crew price tag}. Well, I wanted to hop on the train and try something outside of my normal boring box, and considering I LOVE J.Crew anything, I knew I'd be a fan! The even cooler part was it only took about 2 1/2 weeks to ship... from CHINA! I was impressed! And it's gorgeous! I've worn it three times already and it came to our mailbox Thursday evening!

Sporting my new necklace and new shorts with my gf Tatiana!
Friday night I really had the urge to go visit some thrift stores/consignment shops, so I decided I would try to visit a few on Saturday while the hubby was working an extra shift at work! In my actual "city" we lack a lot of NICE thrift stores or consignment shops and I usually head out to the ritzier areas to find better items! Well I got lazy Saturday and didn't end up leaving the house till 3 in the afternoon, {not enough time to head to the rich folks place} so I just hit up our local Plato's Closet! If you don't know what PC is, its a consignment store focused on the "younger crowd". They only buy the hippest clothes from the hippest places like Forever 21, J.Crew, H&M, etc. Once I arrived I got to digging. I was mainly looking for new office attire, like skirts and blouses, and hopefully a few casual pieces for our weekend extravaganzas.

Low and behold, I actually walked out with 6 pieces of clothing and a necklace! 2 pairs of shorts {non-hoochie}, a pencil skirt, white short sleeved blouse, a grey belted wrap blouse, and a brightly colored blouse that looks like a table cloth {but I'm really trying to get out of my comfort zone}. The final total was around 64 bucks, which I think was pricy for used clothing, however, several pieces still had the original tags on them, so I couldn't complain too much! Check them out below!

I was actually very excited for my purchases, while purchasing them, but the moment I walked out of the store door I instantly wanted to return it ALL! Stupid Stupid Buyers Remorse! Eventually the feelings started to fade and now I'm 100% stoked that I was able to treat myself to SOMETHING! At least I know I'll have a pretty awesome dressed week at work!

To treat myself EVEN more I'm participating in the Bauble Swap hosted by Shanna over at Because Shanna Said So! It's so awesome and I am really looking forward to recieving a fun new necklace to add to my collection!!! Check it out!!! She has already asigned me my partner!!

I hope y'all are having an awesome Monday! I have some really stellar job news to tell y'all soon and of course I need to share our Annimoon trip!!! Hopefully I will be able to get to all of it this week!! I also want to give a HUGE Thank You to my sponsor Tiffany over at Blabbering Thoughts who tweeted about my blog this weekend and got me several new followers! Almost to 100 and so much was due to her!!! So grateful and flattered!!!



  1. I got that same exact necklace from China too!! :) HAHA! You just can't beat the price! Happy Monday :)

  2. I love the shorts and necklace! Very cute.

  3. love that necklace!
    one of my besties got that necklace from china also lol!
    we joke that there is probably sars on it but whatevsies.
    enjoy it!

  4. Thanks for the love and playing along!! I need to jump on the bubble necklace train for real!!! So cute!!

  5. I love the Necklace and Plato's closet!!! They just opened one near me and I almost died.

  6. Love that necklace...I am so tempted!

  7. That necklace looks awesome on you!!

  8. That is great that you found the necklace on ebay! I used to have buyer's remorse but got over it pretty quickly...


  9. the necklace looks so cute on you! love the color you got!